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04/19/2007 (2:25 pm)

Aybar Update

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The AJC is reporting that Aybar’s problem is pretty much what everyone suspected. I feel sorry for him, even though he handled things horribly. Plenty of successful athletic figures have faced DUI charges and worse, so if he gets some help, there’s no reason to think he can’t turn things around. I can sympathize with someone who has problems and just acts like an idiot more than someone who drives drunk and gets picked up sleeping at the wheel of his car like a certain Cardinals manager. I’m glad to hear Aybar has a brother here in the states who can support him (hopefully in a positive way). Good luck to Willy.

03/26/2007 (12:34 pm)

You’re Kidding Me . . .?

Cormier just came out of the game with some kind of injury. Something happened on his right side, or possibly to his right arm, haven’t heard what yet . . .

And I was just wondering what sort of omen Diaz getting his tooth chipped while watching batting practice was. A bad one, apparently.

Update: It’s “shoulder stiffness,” according to Pete. So who knows.

03/12/2007 (12:24 pm)

Bunions 1, Chipper 0

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Chipper just got taken out of our game against the Cardinals – something happened with his right front foot during his first at-bat. It probably has something to do with the bunions that nearly defeated him last year.

Ugh. Hopefully it won’t take long to correct. To be honest, I’ve never quite understood the story behind Chipper’s feet. I suppose I could if I did a little research on bunions, but I’d rather allow them to remain somewhat mysterious, I think.

Orr has come in to play for him, which feels like the worst omen possible.

Update: It’s actually a “mild sprain” of his left ankle, and he’s now listed as day-to-day. I think this is good news? Better than the lingering bunions, I hope.

03/03/2007 (7:27 pm)

Bobby Has Heard A Lot About Prague

The AJC is reporting that Bobby will retire after 2008. I think that seems about right. I’m not ready to see him go next year, but the year after that, it might be interesting to have someone new take over. I’d of course like Jim Leyland, but he’ll probably retire with the Tigers. I’d rather not see Terry try to take over . . . I like him, but he seems like a pushover (at least with the way he’s allowed Frenchy to behave so willfully when it comes to plate discipline). I’m ready to have a real hard ass in there. I think Bobby used to be a hard ass, but as the kids on the team get closer to the age of his own children, I don’t know. There are some signs that he’s loosened up on them, such as Frenchy playing 162 games last year. I also think he has his favorites and can be pretty subjective in sticking with certain guys he likes, and I’d like to see more of a bottom line kind of guy in there.

The best thing about Bobby seems to be the respect he has for his players. He’s not egotistical or petty and he stands up for his team. Whatever he decides to do, he’ll be leaving behind an amazing legacy.

The game today was pretty dull, and we lost to the Astros, which is always humiliating, even in spring training. Joey had a weird inning where he hit two batters back to back, and almost hit a third. Can someone get the poor dear into therapy? And can whoever signed him up to pitch against the Astros today and not the Dodgers yesterday please get kicked in the balls? I don’t think he needs any 2005 postseason memories right at the moment.

How much have I missed screaming “YOU TELL HIM, HEAP!” every time he goes out to the mound for a conference? A lot. And this Johnson guy stinks, I don’t care how moving his sob story is. I got my heart broken by Ray and his traumatic everything last season, and I don’t think we need a repeat performance.

That’s the Huddy we know and love! Or at least, the Huddy we once heard good things about out of Oakland.

In other news, Heap is now making more money than Frenchy. Discounting endorsements, of course (and I can’t wait until Heap gets endorsement deals — the day he starts showing up in cheesy commercials for local hot wing restaurants is going to be a very good one indeed). But anyway, it’s nice to see someone in the organization finally acknowledge, even in a subtle way, that Frenchy’s 2006 was lacking. Maybe this will motivate him to grow up a little bit and shut the hell up about his aggressiveness.

02/09/2007 (9:20 pm)

Sad News for Smoltzie

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Holy crap!

Totally not a Braves couple I ever expected to divorce. I wonder what happened?