V Vernacular

04/02/2007 (3:57 pm)

Look Who Has A Bullpen

What a great start to the season, a really exciting first game — I was up off my sofa jumping around when Rent hit that first homer to tie it up. It was such a perfect go-fuck-yourself for Slappy McWifebeater, knocking him out of the game with his tail between his legs. Skip had just been making some apologist-type comments about how he’d turned his life around (boo), and nothing burns me up more than losing to Myers, so when that happened — man. I bounced around the room until my ponytail holder fell out. And of course Rent’s SECOND HOMER (what day is this?? what is the year??) had me off the couch again.

And Heap, my God, this world does not even deserve your awesomeness. He’s hitting .750 for the season so far, ha. And I loved how he gave the ump a little hell for that one bad call during his third at-bat.

Other parts of the game I enjoyed:

–Chipper coming over to tell Gonzo how to get Utley for the third out. Whatever he told him worked!

–Skip saying “Welcome to Philadelphia” after a couple of stupid scoring decisions on errors.

–Smoltzie brushing Rollins back off the plate a few times. Heh heh.

–The pictures on the “up next” graphic that gets shown just before the commercial breaks were all messed up. Who were those guys??

–I didn’t necessarily like this, but I thought it was funny when Utley bitched to Heap after Smoltz backed him up off the plate. Shut up, Utley.

This bullpen thing feels like a nice dream after last year. Gonzo’s wildness was a little scary at first, and Wicky always has to give up that one heart-stopping hit, but I can hardly complain. And of course Smoltz was great, with seven strikeouts. Frenchy was disappointing, and I think I cursed poor Kelly by picking him to have a good game in Talking Chop’s Noc-A-Homa Win-A-Lotta contest. I thought I’d pick a dark horse, too easy to go with Chipper or Heap — and now I know never to go with them, because, man, did Kelly have a bad game. Totally my fault, sorry KJ.

Tony Pena Jr. just hit a triple off of Schilling in his first at-bat as a Royal! I don’t know why that just made me so happy, I guess the Braves have put me in a good mood.

Finally: you know who I really didn’t miss this offseason? Marc Fein.