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05/11/2007 (1:35 pm)

Steal City

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It feels good to start a long road trip in first place, especially when we’re looking ahead to the Pirates and Nationals. The Mets are going against the Brewers this weekend, with Jorge Sosa on the mound tonight. Sosa somehow beat Brandon Webb in his last outing, so with that one in a million anomaly out of the way, I’m sure he’ll return to the form we’re more familiar with. I don’t think I’ve ever checked a rival team’s schedule as obsessively as I have so far this season with the Mets — I’m really enjoying the close race, even though it keeps me extremely tense over every game. It’s just the type of season where we can’t waste a single opportunity without losing important ground.

Tonight we’re facing LaRoche for the first time. I’m not at all surprised that he’s doing absolutely nothing for the Pirates. I was never a LaRoche fan, and was very happy to see him go. His good second half last year just added to my hatred of him, somehow — he only ever seemed to do anything in those blowout games we played toward the end, when he would hit multiple homers after we’d already put up seven runs. I still feel like the season just completely died (it had been dying for awhile, but even so) when he made his executive decision to bunt at the end of that game against the Marlins. I know he was well-liked in the clubhouse and is probably a nice guy, but I just never warmed up to him, and I’m thankful as hell that Schuerholz was smart enough to unload him. The Thor/Wilson offensive hole at first is frustrating, but I still think getting Gonzo for Rochy was a delightfully wicked steal.

Now that I’ve said all of this, I’m sure LaRoche will hit a walk-off slam tonight. That’s just the kind of obnoxious bastard he is.

How worried are we about Thor, by the way? I had high hopes for him this season, but he’s just insanely impatient, and after seeing Frenchy shockingly learn how to take some pitches, I’m starting to wonder how likely we are to see another miraculous turnaround.