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  • Juan “Double Cheeseburger” Pierre

    That game was just fun — our pitching was brilliant, Heap was back and hitting again, and Willie is already a huge upgrade over Langerhans at the plate, and looked great in left, too. Not only was the actual game play impressive, the peripheral broadcast junk was pretty entertaining. Dave did a nice job of […]

  • The Fearsome Oliver Perez

    For some reason, we bring out the competent side of goofy ass (that jumping thing? I wanted to trip him pretty badly by the seventh), walk-happy Oliver Perez. Still, he wasn’t that spectacular, and we wasted a lot of scoring opportunities (so did the Mets, strangely, even though they well outscored us. Bases loaded situations […]

  • Aybar Update

    The AJC is reporting that Aybar’s problem is pretty much what everyone suspected. I feel sorry for him, even though he handled things horribly. Plenty of successful athletic figures have faced DUI charges and worse, so if he gets some help, there’s no reason to think he can’t turn things around. I can sympathize with […]

  • Good Game, Bad News

    The team really impressed me as a whole last night, and it was a fun game to watch (except when the Vulch blew the save, but Colyer and Moylan managed to not completely destroy our chances, and thank God for Wicky). Davies looked fine, seemed to give up the fly ball pitcher identity he borrowed […]

  • Playing Favorites (Literally)

    Try to guess which sentence from this article about Aybar’s suspension infuriated me. That’s right, it’s this one: Even if he reaches a point where he’s healthy enough to play, the Braves may have a hard time placing him on the roster in favor of Pete Orr, who is a clubhouse favorite, beloved by teammates, […]