The Fearsome Oliver Perez

For some reason, we bring out the competent side of goofy ass (that jumping thing? I wanted to trip him pretty badly by the seventh), walk-happy Oliver Perez. Still, he wasn’t that spectacular, and we wasted a lot of scoring opportunities (so did the Mets, strangely, even though they well outscored us. Bases loaded situations seem to bring out the best in Chuckie, even when he’s having an off day). Personally I think the Braves all went out and got drunk Friday night. I wouldn’t blame them — they had a great game, they’re in the big city, why not. I was joking that they would be hungover on Saturday, but was hoping Chuckie would be exempt. Certainly pitchers don’t get trashed the night before they pitch? But that may have been a factor — this is “broke both my wrists jumping off the roof of a pool house the day before a scout came out to see me pitch” Chuckie, after all. Hopefully they were repentantly sober last night, and we can take the series with Smoltzy on the mound.

The Aybar situation has gone from bad to worse, meanwhile. For some reason the bit about Vlad trying in vain to get involved broke my heart more than the image of his mother crying. This is starting to sound like it might end badly; I hope someone can reach him soon.







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  1. RehabReject Avatar

    “broke both my arms jumping off the roof of a pool house the day before a scout came out to see me pitch” Chuckie…… did that really happen??

    oh and yeah, I wanted to tackle Oliver Perez every time he jumped over the foul line.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      It sure did! This Fuman Bisher column references it, and I’ve seen it mentioned in a bunch of other places. According to Bisher, he broke his wrists, not his arms, so I guess I should correct that . . .

  2. Leah Avatar

    I agree with you on the Pair-rez (as Sciambi kept calling him) jumping over that fowl line and wanted to trip him. I would have settled for him either falling over himself, but tripping would work, too.

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