As Far As I’m Concerned

Soriano is now our closer.

I’ve wanted him to close for awhile now, ever since Wicky blew that win for Huddy in Florida. Every time Wicky has come in this year, I’ve been nervous.

Now, he’s dead to me. Do whatever you want with him Bobby, but Soriano comes in when it matters.

That was just . . . unbelievably awful.







4 responses to “As Far As I’m Concerned”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I don’t even know what to say. F’ing rediculous. Soriano wouldn’t have allowed runners past second. Should have kept him in, but does Bobby? No, of course not. Thus resulting in a loss because Wickman can’t get his crap together.

    That and Escobar throwing the ball over Mac’s head when Mac had really good night. They showed Mac just start walking off the field when he saw the ball drop because he knew it was shot to hell. He’ll probably blame himself for Escobar overthrowing the ball to home.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, that made it especially awful. Heap was back to saving the day, and Huddy was finally dominant, and just . . . poof. All gone. Dammit.

      1. Leah Avatar

        Who the heck cursed us? I swear someone must have. It’s the only explanation. Either that or we just plain suck.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          I’m not sure what the June Curse is about. Last year, when HoRam took that line drive off the head but came away fine, my husband and I would joke and say, “The 2006 Atlanta Braves: At Least HoRam Didn’t Die.” So I thought maybe we traded actual success for the life of one of our players somehow. Who knows how it works . . . last night was classic Mark Wohlers curse, combined with some old fashioned crappy defense.

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