The Scooter Situation

Scooter has entered platoon land, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Dave O’Brien assumes this means he’s pissed. I of course came to the same conclusion, but I kind of hate to see Scooter called out for his dissatisfaction with the situation, since he’s already on Bobby’s bad/platoon side. I think it’s interesting that guys like Scooter get yelled at openly in the dugout and then promptly platooned while Frenchy is scot free to do whatever the hell he wants without consequences. Really interesting.

I like Escobar, and I enjoy seeing him play up here, but it still seems like Scoot got the shaft. He’s been slumping along with everyone else (Frenchy, anyone?!), but he had such a great start to the season after working so hard to get ready, I don’t think he should be slapped with a platoon death sentence so quickly. Maybe it’s not a death sentence — some platoons work. I used to harp on Bobby for having the nerve to platoon Diaz with dead on his feet Langerhans, but when Diaz got a (very short) chance to play more regularly, he wasn’t spectacular, and the platoon with Willie works beautifully. But I personally would have liked to see Scoot get a real chance to authoritatively reclaim second base before Bobby handed half his playing time over to Escobar.

Still, Escobar is a valuable addition to the club, and Bobby has to play him somewhere, he’s too good to just ride the bench with the likes of Orr and Woody. But I don’t blame Scoot for feeling like he got his playing time docked a bit prematurely.

In the meantime, Salty on first base is an absolute delight, but I feel bad for Thor, who just can’t seem to get anything going consistently. I always feel more optimistic when I see Salty over there, and he’s still at that developmental defensive stage where his errors are just like comic relief.

We just have too many likable fellas on the team right now. And as likable as Frenchy is, it’s really starting to piss me off that his slumps don’t yield the same consequences that the others’ do. I’d be all for playing Willie in right once in awhile, but hell, I’m ready for Willie to play center . . .



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3 responses to “The Scooter Situation”

  1. Leah Avatar

    I liked how Bobby said on Braves Live last night (I believe it was last night) that he never has to worry about Heap. That’s very reassuring, but I knew he didn’t lose sleep over Heap anyway. Who would?

    I love how Scooter just more or less says without acutally saying, “I have no comment, now get the heck out of my face.” What do they think he’d say? “Oh yes, I’m happy to lose playing time on a position that I clearly won during Spring Training because I’m in a slump.” Media people kill me with their stupid questions sometimes.

    I feel bad for Scooter though. I don’t see why Frenchy seems to be getting the “royal treatment” when everyone (well, Scooter and Thor) is basically getting their playing time cut back to half. I know he’s first in a few different stats, but he’s like Andruw’s twin lately and has to see if he can strike out as many times as Andruw it seems. But Frenchy also (technically) has more experience over the other two even if it is only a year or so.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I can understand with Thor more than Scooter, because Thor didn’t have a great start to the season like Scooter had. I just feel bad for Thor . . . but at this point I want Salty to be our regular 1st baseman. (Well, I’d really like some kind of Salty/Heap hybrid to be our catcher, because Heap’s great at calling games and Salty has the better arm, but oh well, I’d rather have Heap back there, ultimately, and I think his defense will improve).

      Maybe the marketing department told Bobby he can never bench Frenchy. They have this stupid Cal Ripken Jr. angle going with him, God forbid he ever miss a start . . .

      1. Leah Avatar

        That’s true. I can understand about Thor. Scooter did have a wonderful start when Thor’s wasn’t as great. But I guess this is why they don’t ask us our opinions.

        Maybe. They may think fans might stop watching or coming if Frenchy sits. God Forbid they lose any money.

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