Tommy Is Jealous Of Jules

The AJC has a story up about Glavine getting booed in Atlanta, which features Tom-Tom pouting about the fact that we never booed Julio when he was with the Mets.

I personally feel no nostalgic responsibility to Glavine whatsoever, but I never even liked him much when he was with the Braves (I appreciated his talent, of course, but he wasn’t one of my guys), I think mostly because as a kid I had this baseball card that showed him playing hockey. He looked like such an ass on that card, and as a ten year old, that was pretty much it for me and Tom Glavine.

But more importantly, how in holy hell could anyone boo Julio? He comes to the plate to gospel music about Jesus. He’s a non-threatening, Grandpa-like figure, Tommy, so don’t get all worked up. It’s more of a compliment, really, that we direct our hate toward you instead.

The Lemmer is of course sympathetic:

“I don’t care for it,” Lemke said of the boos. “I don’t know why anybody has those feelings, because Tom Glavine won the World Series for Atlanta. I know he gave everything he could, his whole heart, to the Atlanta Braves.”

Well, if he gave us his whole heart (like Smoltz has, for example), is he heartless and disinterested as a competitor for the Mets? I kind of doubt it.

Glavine will be back at Turner Field Aug. 31-Sept. 2 for a Braves-Mets series. How will Atlanta greet him as a 300-game winner?

Apologies to the Lemmer, but I’m going to that series, and I’ll be booing the hell out of Glavine during his start, just like I did on opening weekend (when Smoltz kicked his ass). Cause what’s a Mets series without booing Glavine? It’s part of the fun! Get into the rivalry and get over it, Tommy.






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  1. RainDelay Avatar

    You and I are going to have to disagree here. ;)

    I graduated in 1990, I watched him come up with Smoltz. For me it was all about “The Young Guns”. Smoltz, Glavine and Avery. And it was a bonus that Glavine played hockey (I play some puck now and then) so that was just a bonus to me.

    I could never bring myself to boo a man I grew up watching – a guy that won us a world series..even if he had a hell of a time getting out of the first inning most of his career with Atlanta without getting torched.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I’m also still mad about Game 6 of the 97 NLCS, now that you mention the first inning thing. ;)

      I do know what you mean about never being able to boo a guy you once loved, but I just never really loved old Tommy (Maddux on the other hand . . . I was so upset when he left that I had to stay mostly away from baseball for almost two years, but I still adore him, cheered for him in a Cubs uniform and would in anything else, too . . . though Mets would be tough!). I was probably too young to really appreciate how rare it is to watch a young pitcher succeed like that (and spoiled by the fact that we had three).

      1. RainDelay Avatar

        I’m still a bit mad that Maddux and now Glavine (most likely) didn’t win their 300th game in a Braves uniform. Though I’m pretty confident when they get to the HOF – Both will wear Braves caps.

  2. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    It was so hard to decide who to cheer for last night. I’m a part-time Cubs fan (behind the Braves, of course, and the Red Sox), and was wishing the best for my old Braves Boyfriends DeRosa and Marquis. And officially, I can’t cheer for the Mets…especially since they’re ahead of us in the standings. But I can cheer for Tommy. I’ve been a Glavine Girl since he came up with us in ’87, and I was devastated when he went to New York. (But honestly, I probably would have done the same thing, given the offers he received.) I never cared for Mad Dog…but I won’t lie, that’s mostly because Javy Lopez never caught him. Javy was IT for a few years there. :)

    Anyway, I think my favorite part of Tommy’s 300th win is that it came in the same weekend as 755* and 500. Not to take anything away from A-Rod, who I think is a very talented player, but it’s nice that the coverage wasn’t 100% Barry this weekend.

    Loved when he hugged his little boy and said, “It’s over with now.” I’m sure that was a huge relief for his family. Anyone know who the Mystery Blonde with Christine was? Nanny? Sister? Mistress? ;)

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