That game was so fantastic, I think I’m going to throw up. Seriously, I jumped for about three minutes straight after the last out, and I don’t even know what I did exactly after Willie made that catch, but it involved throwing myself off the couch to kiss the television when they showed Willie several times afterward. My stomach is like, iffy, my heart is racing, I love it!

The whole series was great, and though yesterday’s loss was a blow, at least it wasn’t a blowout. And while I was optimistic and super cheerful throughout the first game, then nervous and disappointed about the second game, when I turned the game on today I was just in the worst, pessimistic mood, getting furious about every Mets baserunner . . . and to have them pull it out like that . . . first in such Chipper and Tex back to back homer fashion, then making it interesting, then WILLIE — oh man. What a series.

Sorry I’m not very eloquent right now but I’m just overwhelmed by how wonderfully Disney movie-esque that game saving catch was. Particularly because RIGHT before Delgado hit that near homer, Chip was all, “If they end up losing this, the season is basically over. YEAH, I SAID IT.” And I had to agree with him, in an unrealistic, emotional sense. If we’d let that slip away — and then the homer — and the catch — holy crap. I’m all wound up!! I wish I was on that bus ride to Philly (and is a BUS RIDE not the greatest baseball image EVER after a win like that??!)! Hell, I feel like flying to Philly right now just to hug Willie.

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  1. I can’t wait to go home and see my recording of the game. So exciting! And to think I was wishing Matty was going to play today.

    This was an actual email conversation between a friend and I at the beginning of the bottom of the 9th, before a pitch was thrown:

    Me: DAMN IT. WHY was Yates given the ball?

    Friend: Because almost losing games is more fun? Perhaps Yates has blackmail pictures of Bobby and is forcing him to play him every game, especially in situations where he can rob a starter of a good performance?

    Me: There is no reason Moylan couldn’t have kept pitching. Grrrrrrrrr…

    At least we took the series. Hopefully we’ll be on top when they come to Atlanta in a few weeks.

    1. Ahh, the famous “he must have The Pictures!” reasoning! :D

      I was hoping he’d leave Moylan in, too, but I guess we don’t want our one reliable dude getting worn out . . .

      I’m so glad we won that series. Shoulda been a sweep, but I’m grateful for what we got!

      1. I forgot to record it; I listened to it at work on MLB.com (which can be hazardous to my employment status…if I get too excited. As soon as possible I’m going to Braves.com to watch the highlights.

        1. Yeah, I used to try and be discrete at my old job when I watched games, even though my boss was a huge Braves fan . . . but toward the end I would just openly clap and squeal quietly.

  2. An amazing win to say the least…gotta love an ending like that. I am not even a big believer in momentum, heartbreaking regular season loses in August, and so forth…but man, we lose that one, I would have probably hunted somebody down.


    Preferably Chip Carey…or Joe Morgan…ohhh, ya know that producer who brought us Backstreet Boys is probably still alive.

    1. Yeah, Chip was really making me mad during the first couple of innings, and I had to kind of tune he and Joe out. I can’t handle Chip when we’re not winning . . . he just continues to be SO DAMN cheerful, what the hell?! I don’t know how I’ll survive when Skip retires . . . it’s hard enough for me when he’s on vacation.

      Also, good to hear from you! :)

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