“Matty Being Matty”

No one can celebrate a walk off quite like Frenchy:

I actually missed seeing the party at home plate live: I had watched the comeback in the 8th, but had to drive somewhere and was just pulling into the parking lot, listening on the radio, when they pulled it off in the bottom of the ninth. Pete was going crazy, and I was squealing and clapping for Matty and all of them, really. This was a moral victory, if nothing else. The only comment of Pete’s I remember is “Charlie Manual still hasn’t moved!”

Frenchy is good at happy quotes, too:

“To get something like this was huge,” Francoeur said. “Finally we got a little break. This team deserves it.”

As frustrating as it’s been to watch them lately, I think he’s right, it really felt like they deserved some luck for once. This game reminded me of the game on September 17th last year, when we scored six runs in the bottom of the tenth to beat the Marlins. Every little bloop hit fell in, guys were making errors all over the place . . . it just felt ordained that we would win that game.

Now, of course: an off day. D’oh!






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  1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    This pic is great too — they both have quite the vertical leap, don’t they?

    This one, though? That’s Yunie’s hand clawing Matty’s face, and Matty doesn’t seem to like it. ;)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      The pictures from yesterday afternoon are all great — but yeah, in that second one I feel kind of sorry for Matty!

      1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

        And I love how Teix looks like a little boy in that last picture. He has such a cute face…makes me feel like a dirty old lady when I drool over his forearms.

  2. Leah Avatar

    I think the only bad thing about yesterday’s game, well when we started coming back and after we had won, is that Heap tweaked his left ankle going to second. I felt so bad for him. He can’t seem to get a break, he keeps getting injured. Yahoo says he’s day to day, but he didn’t look that bad coming off the field in the 8th, so maybe it wasn’t that bad of a tweak. We should go make him feel better. ;)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I know it . . . the fact that he just immediately walked off the field made me nervous. He’s usually one to try and play through pain, but obviously he knew he couldn’t. I hope he’ll be okay by Friday. I do NOT need a month of Corky Miller right now.

      1. Leah Avatar

        I know, he told them right away he wanted out. I hope he’s ok tomorrow, too. Me either, that’ll kill my mood from yesterday’s game.

    2. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

      I know! When I read that they took him to his car in a golf cart, it made me sigh. I know how to do some rehabilitative sports massage; I worked for a minor league hockey team! That might help us get in, right?

      (Oh, Teix is three weeks older than me! I’m not a dirty old lady!) :D

      1. Leah Avatar

        Yeah I didn’t know about the whole golf cart ride to his car thing. That’s not good. I’m with Jenny, I don’t really wanna see anyone else catching. It might, you never know, lol.

  3. Bethany Avatar

    That was such an exciting game! I couldn’t believe we pulled it off. I really hope Heap is okay to start tonight though, we definitely need him in the lineup as much as possible!

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