I Might Have Guessed

From an article about Frenchy’s honeymoon on the AJC:

(Apparently he played golf with Derrek Lee. Classic.)

“And how did Georgia businesses score with the nuptials? Their first night was spent at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, and the couple used Lee Patterson Photography and Lee Epting Catering, with flowers from Kim McKinney of Daffodil’s Design Studio in Monroe.”

Bwhahaha — my husband and I stayed at that hotel on our wedding night in 2006, on the 61st floor. I bet we had the same room. Except not, because ours was a run of the mill guest room and Frenchy is theoretically a multimillionaire, but hey.






4 responses to “I Might Have Guessed”

  1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    “Hey, look at me! My skin is more orange than my shirt, and my teeth glow more than ever!”

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I like sunburned Frenchy!

      Though I will never warm up to the teeth. If I ever have a chance to ask him one interview question, I would probably go after the story behind those veneers. Cause man, there’s gotta be one.

      1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

        I think my interview question would be regarding the REAL story behind the dogs. That, or what the cheetah thing was. Remember, in his room in the video tour of Heap’s house? It looked like one of those stuffed animals / purses that 9-year-olds carry.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          I think Heap put it in there for a joke.

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