I Hate Eli Manning

I was going to post last night, but then the superbowl pissed me off, so I got drunk and went to bed. And for the record, I of course hate Peyton more, and in fact mostly hate Eli just because he’s related to Peyton and looks like him.

Anyway — Daniel raised a good question this morning about the Braves’ new network for 2008, which is: what the hell is it? All I can come up with is this: a picture of Smoltz and the promise of Skip. I listen to Skip on the radio anyway, so I don’t really care who broadcasts on TV, but it is nice to have the video and audio actually sync up, so Skip is a good start for Peachtree TV. I am kind of wondering why they’ve got Joe working for them instead of Pete, but whatever. My guess is that TBS punking out was the last straw for Pete and TV, and he’ll just stick to radio now. So I suppose at some point this season I’ll have to choose between Pete on the radio and Skip on TV, which will be rough. Why split up two people who work so perfectly together? It’s like the McMansion all over again!

We’ll also have Sports South and FSN covering games, which are kind of the same channel, aren’t they? I’m not entirely sure how that works, but I know that Jerome Jurenovich is involved, so I’m against it.

I guess I should try to figure out if I even get Peachtree TV. Is it basic cable? The fact that they’ve done a shitty job of advertising it doesn’t really bode well for the actual content. Last time this year there was a lot of hubbub over the new Sports South model, which actually was pretty well done last year, Jerome aside. I hope OKT will be back, and the ridiculously frequent clubhouse interviews (I feel sorry for the guys, but fans like me do so love that bullshit), and of course the clips of Heap saying that he hates broccoli, though they will start to drive me insane sometime around May 1st, after they’ve been shown eight thousand times.

I will of course mourn the loss of the Sonic spots forever, unless some other sponsorship picks up the miked player bit.






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  1. RehabReject Avatar

    haha, I completely forgot about those Sonic spots. It was absolute magic when the fan question of the game was “how do you drink a cherry limeade?”. Joe Simpson showing proper sipping technique was hilarious!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Nothing beats Salty complaining that he has no friends. I miss him.

  2. Lauren T. Avatar

    1. Peachtree TV is a broadcast channel in Atlanta. It’s on the channel that was TBS (ch 7 on Charter) before TBS went cable-only.

    2. I won a bet with my roommate over Jerome Jurenovich. He also does “Thrashers Live” before and after the Thrashers games, and my roommate loves hockey like I love baseball. I walked down the hall to her room, heard JJ’s voice, covered my eyes, and bet her $5 I knew who that was talking. He grosses me out. I think the job should go to Ron and BJ next year, so Ron can provide his insightful commentary and BJ can sit there and look pretty. What they both do best, you know. ;)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I personally find Ron Gant much more attractive than Jordan, probably because he wasn’t inexplicably still taking up space on the roster in 2006.

  3. Leah Avatar

    I thought Heap didn’t eat cole slaw and Chipper didn’t eat broccoli? Maybe I’m wrong. It won’t be the first time.

    But yeah, J.J. gets on my nerves as well in more ways than one.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      How could I forget — there was a point last summer when I considered using Heap saying “cole slaw” as my ring tone.

  4. RehabReject Avatar

    I always thought Mike Gonzalez saying he dislikes Fettuccini Alfredo was weird. Then I met some guy who also dislikes it. He says it’s because the sauce tastes really bland and rubbery.

  5. Lauren T. Avatar

    Video and transcript of outtakes

    Baby hates coleslaw, and his little grin after he says that still makes me laugh a little.

  6. Brave Dawn Avatar

    Hey Jenny,

    It’s been a while! It sounds like you are ready for some baseball. Me too, but my NCAA basketball love helps a lot in the winter, especially when my team is doing well, which they are. Still, there’s nothing like the Bravos. Have you checked any of the Mets blogs lately? It seems most of the Mets fans have decided that the acquisition of Johan Santana guarantees them the NL East title… really no reason to even play the games, I guess. I love it when they get like that!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Hey, good to hear from you!

      Mets fans thought they would win the division last year, too. And boy did that not happen in the most wonderfully satisfying way possible.

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