“Big Daddy, As They Call Him”

Check out the latest Frenchy interview.

The staging is extremely uncomfortable. It seems like three guys just cornered him with a bunch of inane questions (give it a fucking rest with the SI cover already) as he was leaving the men’s room in a fancy hotel. He looks nervous/unhappy/annoyed.

Praying at college bowl games and being threatened into obedience by the likes of Truett Cathy — it’s pretty much exactly how I imagined Frenchy’s offseason life.

Don’t forget to shed a McFrenchy tear when he mentions the second person who called to congratulate him on signing with the Braves!







11 responses to ““Big Daddy, As They Call Him””

  1. Lauren T. Avatar

    When he’s not talking, he looks like a…special…child. Don’t get me wrong, I still heart him. But for my own amusement, I’d really love to see an IQ list of the Braves clubhouse. Throw in some former Braves, like Maddux, Andruw, and Marcus, and it would be even better. :D

    1. Leah Avatar

      Jeff supposedly had a 3.5 GPA in high school, according to him from the Spolight show SS did on him. He made like a pretty decent score on his SAT as well or as he says on that show as well, but the rest, I’m not sure. I wonder sometimes, though, how smart some of the guys are outside of the baseball world.

      1. Jenny Avatar

        Yep, I think he’s actually quite intelligent. He always comes off a lot better than most of the guys when he does off the cuff clubhouse interviews.

      2. Lauren T. Avatar

        Most of the jocks at my high school had GPAs that high too, and…they didn’t earn them.

        I’m not saying Jeff’s not intelligent — I think he okay, and he’s quite smart when it comes to sports. I was just commenting on his “paying attention” face. Sorry that wasn’t more clear.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          There will be no making fun of any face Frenchy has ever or will ever make on this blog! I forbid it!

          Except for, you know, when I do it.

        2. Leah Avatar

          I knew what you meant. ;) I was just claifying that he was the only one I knew anything about smarts-wise, other than sports-related things.

    2. Jenny Avatar

      Maddux would rank at the top, I betcha!

      Marcus would scare the test administrator away by stripping and/or making jokes about his brother’s crotch and would therefore be disqualified.

  2. Leah Avatar

    If Tommy Bowden was the second, I wonder if that made Heap the first? Probably not, but maybe the third?

    I’m ready to hear about Heap sitting on his sofa at home, watching games while eating doughnuts again during ST from Frenchy in interviews or other interesting tidbits we might find out about those two.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Without a doubt, Heap was the first. He called Frenchy to congratulate him on being promoted to the majors before Frenchy even knew about it.

      I hope Bowman does another fangirly “Heap ‘n Frenchy at home, spring training redux” article this year.

      1. Leah Avatar

        I knew that, lol. I knew something kept telling me Heap was first, I just couldn’t remember what or why at the time. Shame on me for forgetting McFrenchy facts.

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