Spring Training Update

New pictures from the AJC this afternoon:

Frenchy has of course arrived early.

Bobby is doing his iconic poses with cigars, a spring training tradition.

People are getting back into the habit of being grabby with Heap, after a long Heapless winter.

And Phillies fans are looking on in jealous disgust.

. . . All is right with the world!


Did Yates gain a bunch of weight, or is that just an unflattering haircut?






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  1. Lauren T. Avatar

    Yatesy had the mohawk, remember?

    Mohawks, briefly: Three Braves pitchers — towering Aussie Phil Stockman, Hawaii native Tyler Yates, and young Jo-Jo Reyes — attended their first hockey game Saturday when they saw the Thrashers play at Philips Arena. They loved it.

    They were apparently so caught up in the excitement, all three decided to get Mohawk haircuts at a booth set up at the arena by a hair-salon chain.

    But when they got down here to camp, Yates was the only one who still had the Mohawk. Stockman had trimmed his hair to a military-length buzz and Reyes had his shaved.

    Yates kept his for one day at Dark Star on Wednesday, but made sure he kept his Braves cap on the entire time he was at the ballpark, for fear Cox would see the haircut. On Thursday, Yates showed up with a shaved dome.

    Also, Chino’s still wearing the magnet bracelet! It looks like Heap’s at Janice Dickinson’s modeling agency and she…he…is telling him he needs to lose some of “this”. :D

    1. Jenny Avatar

      As if Chino has room to talk.

      I like how it looks like Heap is asleep, or just so exasperated by this advice that he must shut his eyes.

  2. Leah Avatar

    It’s good to finally lay eyes on Heap after three days of him being there. He really must have added a lot of muscle, too, because he really doesn’t look that much thinner in that uniform, although it could be baggy on him like usual since he tends to wear his clothes on the baggier side. He does look like he has more upper body muscle though, which doesn’t bother me.

    That article about Frenchy being “country ripped”, that’s just a nice thing to picture. They should have taken a picture showing himself off, but I think that’s the only thing he won’t do in front of a camera. Oh well, it’s just nice to think about.

    1. Leah Avatar

      “country strong”*

      1. Jenny Avatar

        What is this article you speak of?! That’s hilarious.

          1. Jenny Avatar

            Well hooray for extra large Frenchy. I just hope he doesn’t get too hung up on the home run production.

    2. Tara Avatar

      Yea, where the heck’s the picture of this new-and-improved-Incredible-Hulk Frenchie?!?! That’s the only reason I clicked on Dave’s link — to see a yummo pic! Dang it!


  3. Dreamscape Avatar

    Yatesy drew the short straw and must make up for the pound quota lost with Paronto and Wickmoo gone.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      There really is something Wickmanesque about his posture in that picture . . . or maybe it’s just the beard.

  4. Leah Avatar

    DOB just posted a story about Heap here. They still change their story as to his nickname being Heap, make up your mind AJC. They also go to say that he basically weighs the same, but as he put it, “has reorganized” his weight. And also says he’s the worst dresser on the team and hasn’t changed much. I don’t know about the worst dresser title, seems kinda harsh to me. Every picture I’ve seen him in, he seems to look decent in his polo shirts and jeans, and a usual hat. He even looked decently dressed at FanFest with his dark brown screan tee, long sleeve white undershirt, and jeans. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it though? But ok, I have seen him with one or two bad outfits in pictures (that picture meeting the senator comes to mind).

    And they didn’t even get Frenchy’s input on him. That just isn’t right. Respect the McFrenchyness. But it’s a good article though.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      O’Brien doesn’t get McFrenchy. Strangely, Bowman does. I think because McFrenchy is an official team policy of some sort.

      1. Leah Avatar

        At least someone gets McFrenchy somewhere. Maybe they have to sign something before they’ll let you do a piece on them together.

        This is just priceless:

        Some of the women who have adored Lopez throughout his career have already made their way to camp to get a glimpse of him. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by All-Star catcher Brian McCann.

        “Mac told me he wanted to look like Javy and I said, ‘Mac, we have no chance. Even if we were born again, we could not look like that,’” Perez said with his usual smile.

        1. Bethany Avatar

          Haha thats pretty hilarious. Where I can I find the rest of this article?

          1. Leah Avatar

            Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot about linking to it. You can find the article here.

          2. skeptic Avatar

            awww…lay off yates. he’s always been a big guy. he doesn’t look any bigger to me.

            and country ripped is another way of saying ‘muscular but without definition’. his face definitely looks fuller. -and that ain’t muscle. LOL

  5. Jenny Avatar

    Yeah, it took me about a week to realize all this noise about Frenchy’s new physique is a polite spin on “he gained weight.” He and Heap don’t look too different to me — maybe I’ll be able to tell the difference when I see them in person next weekend.

    1. skeptic Avatar

      i’m so jealous! have a great time! and take lots of pics…of frenchy. ;-)

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