Opening/Bitch About Japan Day

The A’s played the Red Sox in Tokyo this morning. BASEBALL IS OFFICIALLY SOULLESS! Or just kind of ridiculous on occasion, which is not exactly news.

Now for some increasingly irrelevant spring training pictures!

One of the reasons I took so long to post these is that, looking back through them, I realized that most of my pictures look like this:

Which makes for a fun game of Guess That Butt, but not for scintillating photographic journalism, which I am of course known for. But here they are, all the same:

The first game we attended was a home game against the Dodgers, and we sat right by the Braves dugout, which was fun. We had a nice view of Matty chewing on his hand, for example.

We also had a close up view of the national anthem lineup. This is one of my favorite pictures, Frenchy reminding me of a little leaguer during the anthem.

Peter Gammons hung out in our section for awhile, then left to have a very serious discussion with a camera guy.

The antics of Moylan and Kelly.

I could crop this picture better before shrinking it, or I could just throw caution to the wind and see if I can remember who the hell these guys are!

1. Mystery butt
2. Shafer, closely examining a bat
3. Some guy named Falco.
4. Miscellaneous infielder
5. Tex
6. Matty! I’d know that posture anywhere.

Let’s see how many I got right:

1. Mystery butt was Kotsay. Maybe that’ll be his new nickname.
2. Shafer consulting Falco about his bat
3. Falco offering the bat his full attention
4. Chipper!
5. Still Tex
6. Most definitely Matty

The undisputed star of spring training, Yuney.

One of two worthwhile pictures I took during the second game we attended, against the Astros, also at the home field. All my other pictures that day were of Hunter Pence.

Wholesome McFrenchy goodness. There was not enough of it during spring training. Let’s hope that the fragile transitional period is over — bring on the meaty regular season. Which I guess has technically started, in Tokyo, but that American League foolishness isn’t real baseball anyway, so to hell with the whole thing. The new year begins on Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for so many pics of Matty. :)

    Other comments:

    1. I will miss Teix’s fine, fine behind next year.

    2. Pete and KJ are definitely friends. In BP last year, I saw them hanging out with each other more often than with other people. I would LOVE to listen in on some of those conversations, you know?

    3. Pine Tar! Awwww…

  2. Loving the pictures! :) I hate taking a picture and later not even remember taking it or who it’s even of. Sounds like you had a good time, though.

    Kinda off topic, but apparently, Heap did something in his wedding besides just showing up. He got Jimmy Wayne to perform for Ashley as a surprise because her favorite song is “You Are”. It was on DOB’s blog comments yesterday (supposedly on, but I couldn’t really find the article) and thought I’d share. Maybe he’s not totally lost in the romance department, even if he did seem like he didn’t even wanna be at his own wedding and like he doesn’t even remember any of it.

    1. God I wish I could post that one really funny thing having to do with the wedding that I think you know what I’m talking about and I can’t post. Alas.

      Heap & Frenchy are really big on showing their love through song, apparently.

      I do actually have big versions of these pictures where you can not only identify the players but see every mosquito who was present that day, but they would kill my blog and also it’s really skinny, so I had to shrink them. I’m thinking of switching to a blog template that would at last allow me to post pictures that are more than 425 pixels wide.

      1. There’s a lot of funny things about his wedding from those pictures, lol, at least to me. Mind being more specific? If not, it’s cool.

        I wonder if Kelly took the same route at his wedding. I haven’t heard much of anything that happened at his wedding, all I have to go by are a few pictures I’ve seen. Seemed like the best wedding to me, but I guess that’s my opinion, and probably because Lauren doesn’t annoy me.

        Yeah, that’s true. I just don’t get that close to most of them to actually be able to remember who I took the pictures of sometimes. But at least I have a better camera now. But I feel you on the themes. I can never find one I like that fits to what I want it to be and I usually have to edit them to my liking. Maybe it’s just me.

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