Opening Day Eve

Apparently we’re actually carrying three catchers this season. I don’t know why, but I like it. Probably because it reminds me of a line in Major League II, but that’s true of most things I approve of in baseball.

So, the Braves are likely settling into their hotel rooms in Washington D.C. right now, maybe stepping out for dinner, anticipating playing the first game of the season in a brand new ballpark tomorrow night. Exciting! Here are three AJC pictures from today’s game, the last of spring training, which I found to be potentially portentous:

1. An umpire pointing toward the heavens with grim accusation.

2. A few resilient fans huddled miserably in the outfield, two lucky sevens visible on the electronic scoreboard.

3. Heap picking his nose.

What does it all mean? Only the coming months will tell. I can’t shake the weird feeling I have about this season. It is of a mostly bad nature. Prove me wrong, Braves!

Semi-related note: I saw Smoltz interviewing Frenchy on CSS today. For the love of God, Smoltzie, AJC reporters, everyone: quit referring to the McFrenchy wives at their “new roommate[s].” I cannot handle it. Thanks in advance.






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  1. Lizziebeth Avatar

    Hey Jenny,
    As always, great pics. Where do you sit and what camera/settings do you use? I was able to go Friday night unexpectedly; sat behind home plate. Of course all I got were fuzzy pics of everybody’s butt. Did you just happen upon the CSS interview? I’ve been looking for it but all their schedule ever says is “tba”. Ugh, can’t believe Smoltzie said that. So glad it’s baseball season again ’cause I love the Braves, but I love your blog, too. Thanks!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Thanks! The pictures above are AJC pictures, as in Atlanta Journal Constitution — I didn’t take them. I wish I had a camera that nice! The spring training pictures below were taken by me with my tiny, no frills camera, though we did have good seats at those games.

      I did happen upon it — my friend had mentioned seeing it and I was sorry I missed it, but they’re rerunning it a lot, so keep an eye out.

  2. Leah Avatar

    Heap has to keep up with Frenchy in nose-picking, too. I still think Frenchy wins that one.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Oh yes, by far! He’s already in midseason form in that department.

      1. Leah Avatar

        I wonder what exactly Heap has a one-up on Frenchy in so far. Good thought to ponder.

        I don’t know how many times Joe has already made fun of Heap for his speed (or lack their of). He said Pena was by far the fastest catcher on the team (and he’s right, but he doesn’t have to rub it in so much) and commented with “I know Brian’s probably watching in the locker room and Brian would try to contest that, but please don’t.”

        1. Jenny Avatar

          Get ready for another season of the same ole’ jokes! I’ve already muted Chip and Joe and turned to Skip and Pete — thank God for them. Skip’s complaining about various things changes daily! Except for the highway near Tifton, he’s a bit stuck on that, but I don’t mind.

          1. Leah Avatar

            Tonight’s gonna be even worse with ESPN announcers. I think those and Fox announcer’s are the worst because it’s obvious they don’t like the Braves.

          2. Jenny Avatar

            My TV will be muted. I don’t care if the radio delay is off by an inning.

  3. Kyle James Avatar

    We carry three catchers but cut a longtime fan favorite (that’s an understatement after all the girls I know who used to have Javy posters in their rooms). Something is up. One of the guys is on the way out by the time Smoltz comes off the DL.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      That’s what I keep hearing — I’d like to see Pena get a chance. I have a soft spot for him.

      1. Lauren T. Avatar

        And he’s so versatile! I like Brayan, and I want lil’ Yunie to have his friend around. He would carry the most trade value, though, so I’m trying not to hold my breath.

    2. skeptic Avatar

      I figured they were shopping Pena by putting him on the roster. And DOB w/ the AJC commented last week that there would probably be more moves made soon. Yates was one, what’s next?

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