A Bleak End to a Bleak Series

One run, extra-inning losses. Hampton strains a boob five minutes before game time and this is what we get: more of last year. Let’s hope Eliot was right about April being the cruelest month. If this is how we look against the Pirates at the start of the season, imagine what we’ll look like when our perennial nemesis June rolls around.

Hyde from That 70’s Show tried to liven things up at one point by charging the field. I don’t know if anyone else caught Joe reminiscing about the days at Yankee Stadium when the security guards would just kick your ass instead of sending you to jail (who knows if this is even accurate, or just some Joe fantasy), but he was disturbingly nostalgic about it, true to form.

The only really shining moment, for me, was Matty’s hilarious take out of Jack Wilson. Who knew he had it in him? Matty just gets more impressive every day.

Meanwhile, Ted Turner envisions the end of the world. I think he just read The Road, had a drunken nightmare and immediately called a press conference. Nevertheless: Ted. We miss your money. Though our bargain bullpen isn’t the entirety of the problem at the moment, clearly.







3 responses to “A Bleak End to a Bleak Series”

  1. Lauren T. Avatar

    Did Matty ever play football? He’s not built like a standard baseballer and that slide was straight out of the football-to-baseball playbook. (I loved it though, along with the less-successful slide earlier in the game.)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I seem to remember something about him playing high school football, but maybe I’m just thinking of that Frenchy: Behind the Music show they play at least ten times a day on Sports South.

  2. Lauren T. Avatar

    Oooh, this article says Matty’s slide caused the Pirate SS some leg crampies, possibly a trip to the DL. Dang.

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