Another Loss to the Nationals

Oh man. Talk of Smoltz returning to the bullpen. I laughed when it was Barry Zito; perhaps this is karma coming back to haunt me.

I don’t know what to say about this season so far. I thought we would at least have one of those excitingly awful years. You know what I mean? Where you’re so low that it just starts to get hilarious? But there’s a zombie quality to this team right now that prevents even that. Also, they occasionally win games and get my hopes up. Maybe kicking some ass would turn things around:

I mean kicking ass the old fashioned way, since we can’t seem to do it the baseball way: grab someone’s head and pop ’em in the face! Matty has the right idea here. I still say a long overdue inaugural Baby Braves brawl would solve all our problems.

And one more thing:

Umpire: Frenchy. I am your father.

By Jenny

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    1. Yeah, I’m still around. I’m so sorry I’m still having trouble getting into the swing of working full time and updating the blog regularly — every time I get into a grove, some minor illness or trip out of town or what have you throws me off. I’m sick right now, matter of fact! And at work!

      Things have got to get better, I agree — the injuries just get me down more than anything else. But YES, J.J. is adorable and also a good pitcher, which is always nice. Maybe I’ll do a little story about him tomorrow.

    1. Every time I look at that picture I laugh. Literally, EVERY TIME.

      I’m picking up antibiotics on the way home from work. Yayyy. Maybe the Braves will make me feel better by like, winning. Or something. At least I’ll have The Office, either way.

  1. glad you are back!! the zombie line was a perfect summation of this team right now. i think glen hubbard needs to pimp slap everyone in the dugout to wake everybody up. he looks like he would with that ‘stache and haircut!

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