Sweeps Week

I had to watch Matty save the day on Gametracker at work, and I could see Turner Field from my office building. I spent a few minutes staring at it longingly in the eighth. At least I have these marvelous AP pictures:

All this physical affection seems to be doing them good.

Meanwhile, we’re down two more pitchers. Onward to Pittsburgh! I fully expect to see Omar Infante pitch in relief at some point.

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By Jenny

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  1. The clubhouse has become a much huggier place since Mac joined the team, but it’s escalated quite a bit this season. Chipper’s never been this friendly with his teammates, much less pawing at them like he’s been doing.

    Frenchy’s hair in pic #1: awesome.

    Matty’s hair in pic #2: more awesome. I just want to rub it, even though you can tell exactly what it would feel like. He’s like a teddy bear! Maybe we should ask Teix what it feels like…

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