Wyatt Earp

That story last night about LaRoche wanting to meet Wyatt Earp is the reason I will always listen to the radio, even it’s lagging a full inning behind the television broadcast. Well played, Mr. Van Wieren.

In shocking news: I agree with Dave O’Brien! I love Frenchy and look forward to seeing him play, but enough is enough, Bobby. He can sit once in awhile. Though actually, now may not be the time. I think Lauren’s picture vividly captures the look I’ve been noticing on him a lot this season. I don’t know if this amounts to “bench him” or “don’t even look at him the wrong way,” but regardless, I’m going to take a wild guess that he’ll play every game this season as long as he’s at least semi-physically able.

By Jenny

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  1. I believe this look might be resultant of the lack of golf Jeff’s been suffering through since he entered married bliss. Maybe working on his golf swing would help his bat placement at the plate….

    1. Lack of golf, indeed. I’d love to make a joke about all the recent matrimony, but they’re actually doing considerably worse on the road, so that doesn’t really add up.

    1. I believe it’s the Chik-Fil-A cow, but I could be wrong. I saw him at a game I went to last year because the promotion that day was sponsored by Chik-Fil-A. Just a guess.

  2. I went to a few games in April and I believe that that picture was put on the big screen to promote a scholarship? I just remember being amused at the mass marketing by placing a minority, girl at that, two other girls and one lone boy in the picture with Jeff.

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