Your Frenchy Moment of Zen

There are few things that make me as happy as Frenchy running:

Especially when he’s tracking down a ball in right, oh man. Lauren, that idea for a blog called OMG FRENCHY!!! with just one of these pictures posted per day was actually really brilliant, but, in a way, maybe this blog is already that blog. On a good day.

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By Jenny

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  1. I’m more annoyed by the fact that he’s now “country strong” yet he’s flailing away with awkward swings and no power at all. Meanwhile, Heap’s yoga seems to have worked wonders for his power stroke.

    1. I know. I thought he was going to continue to make progress, and the willful idiocy at the plate is really disappointing. I wish Heap or Chipper or someone would take him aside and, I don’t know, show him tape of those swings?

  2. Jenny, have you been reading any Talking Chop game threads? There has been discussion there as well as to what’s wrong with Frenchy. Someone suggested the other day that his mojo is off because we haven’t had any of your “skits”, which he always figures in prominently. We miss you!!!

    1. I know, I miss doing them. I just can’t get inspired this season, and I don’t want to do a crappy one — maybe you guys should give me some prompts?! Or maybe Frenchy and/or Heap will do something spectacularly strange soon, and the skit will write itself . . .

    1. Noo, you won’t get slammed! I find Frenchy’s running hilarious in its awfulness. And occasionally very, very maddening as well. Mostly I just enjoy the way he flaps his hands around, Jerry Lewis style.

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