Frankenhampton Out for the Season

You’ve all heard it by now: Hampton is gone for the season. I’m having a hard time even mustering up any righteous indignation; it’s just redundant after a certain point. If Davies had been horrible in his start, maybe I would be more upset. Perhaps we can still get our money’s worth out of Hampton by putting him to use in the clubhouse: he could do some laundry, go on beer runs and hand out towels. But knowing Hampton, he’d claim that any of those things would be too much of a strain on his elbow/shoulder/left ear/whatever else has fallen off or gotten sore since the last time I bothered to check the continuing updates on his stitched together corpse body.

I know it wasn’t his fault; he didn’t intend to get hurt again and is probably upset. But I can’t help it: he has now officially entered Kerry Wood and Mark Prior territory.

What could possibly make us feel better in light of the continuing bad news about one of our most expensive players? The AJC smartly offers up a guaranteed crowd pleaser: embarrassing high school pictures of Frenchy!

Yeah, not much has changed.







3 responses to “Frankenhampton Out for the Season”

  1. RehabReject Avatar

    wow, he was skinny back then. I wonder what McCann looked like back then.
    c’mon jenny.. I know you got some high school picks of Heap somewhere.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      See, I do, but it’s on my Tivo. I guess I could try to rip it onto my computer, but man, I’m warning you. Heap was . . . weird looking back then. Not bad looking, but yes, he was also skinny. And skinny Heap? Is a little unsettling. I prefer chubby Heap greatly.

      1. Leah Avatar

        I do believe I’ve seen a few pics of Mac from high school, but not very many. I believe I saw them on the interview that they did with Jeff and Mac toward the end of the season last year on Around the South. Some pictures would be nice to see. Even in the minors he looked somewhat skinny, but now he’s just Mac. He wouldn’t be if he didn’t have that cute chubbiness to him.

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