The Sucker Can Hit

We had our windows open yesterday afternoon, which was probably not a great idea, because that game had me screaming and jumping around the room. I’m surprised our neighbors didn’t call the cops. And the best part, as pictured in the background here:

The pissed off Mets fans! Ah, whenever I hear “and the fans start streaming toward the exits” in the 8th, I always feel so proud of our guys (and glad Reitsma isn’t around to reliably make it interesting). I’m so glad that they’re leaving that godawful stadium with another series victory, and in first place. After the clowns tried to blind us and all, it only seems fair. And how obnoxious were their loudspeaker announcements? I tried to listen to the TBS broadcast yesterday, because I was in a Joe kind of mood (he was going off on Langerhans pretty good, even though he didn’t start in left), but after Chip said Reyes was the “most exciting player in the game!” for the eighteenth time, I switched over to his dad on the radio. It was a good choice, as usual. At one point Skip said that if we had to play a four game series in Shea Stadium he would “jump out of the booth and be done with it.”

There is really nothing better than being surprised by a player you don’t have the highest expectations for, and I just love the hell out of Kelly right now, as I’m sure everyone does. And I’ve loved Rent since his Marlins days, so it’s always great to see him be the hero. What a fun game . . . Bobby getting tossed just made it perfect. The only thing that worries me is poor Heap’s hand. As Chipper said, don’t be broke, Heap. Chipper also had a memorable quote about Kelly’s great performance:

I told you that sucker was gonna hit,” third baseman Chipper Jones said of Johnson, whose .423 on-base percentage ranks near the top among major-league leadoff men. “He’s got all the fundamentals and the mental side of it down.”

That mental side bit seems right — Kelly always looks almost eerily calm. It’s quite a contrast to old Gilly, and I appreciate it — keep up the good work, Scooter.







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  1. RehabReject Avatar

    speaking of the gay Mets… did anyone hear some of their intro songs for the batters? Lo Duca comes out to the BeeGees “Staying Alive”.. not far behind, David Wright comes out to some very girly R&B song.. I forget the name but it is very fruity.

    1. RehabReject Avatar

      I found out the name of Wright’s song…. it’s “Me and You” by Cassie.

      I invite everyone to download it and listen to it. It has got to be one of the girliest intro songs for any MLB representative … EVER.

    2. Jenny Avatar

      I was dying over that LoDuca song. There is no one in baseball who I like less than that little troll, not even A.J. Pierzynski (though Eric Byrnes comes close). I was trying not to laugh when LoDuca took one in the balls, cause I knew it would be bad karma for Heap, and wouldn’t you know it, Heap’s fingers got smashed an inning later, but he’s okay. It was almost worth it to be able to scream, “Yeah, yeah, go soak your balls!” when LoDuca bitched about a strike call.

      And how great was it when Wright blew a bubble with his gum while he was fucking up that play?? The Mets deserve each other, I swear.

      1. wuky Avatar

        Ha! My wife and I were watching the game and I laughed hard when Wright booted that grounder with a bubble coming from his mouth.

        Know who else I hate? Damian Easley and Shawn Green. Easley just kills us, and he’s so scrawny. I don’t know how he hits so well against us.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          Yeah, I felt bad when the whole outfield pavilion at Turner was chanting “Shawn Green Sucks” after he made an error during the series here, but . . . now, not so much. I’m sick of the guy.

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    haha, I love that the “Scooter” nickname is catching on.

    I’m going to be at the Marlins-Braves game on Wednesday night. I’m tempted to hold up a SCOOTER sign and have Joe Simpson say something on TV about it.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Do it!!

      I’ve always wanted to hold up a “GO MARV” sign in the outfield, because somewhere I read that one of Frenchy’s nicknames is Marv, after the burglar in the Home Alone movies. God knows why, I just thought that was funny.

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