Don’t [Mess] With Rent

This quote about Scooter is the most I’ve ever heard from Rent, in post-game or otherwise:

“He’s getting more fastballs to hit because of me,” joked Renteria. “He always had a good swing. And me and Chipper and the guys behind him get to see more pitches because Kelly takes a lot of them. It helps us a lot when a leadoff guy does that, lets us see what the pitcher’s got.

“Kelly and me are getting on base for Chipper, that’s what we try to do. It’s a lot different when Chipper [is in the lineup]. When he’s in there, pitchers know if they try to [mess] with me, Chipper’s going to get them.”

I would kill to hear the uncensored audio. Fuck with the top of our order and you’ll be hearing from Larry. Damn straight.

Now we get to see how Davies fares in Colorado. And it’s Sunday, and I only have one beer left. Could be a long game — here’s hoping our offense shows up for him. Everyone looked good last night, with the exception of Thor and Heap. Maybe slumping along with Heap will help inspire Thor to eventual greatness. As for Langerhans, I’ve got nothing more to say. Astound me, Ryan.






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  1. Leah Avatar

    I think that’s the most I’ve heard from as well. He sounds as bad as the rest of them do though with his joking, lol.

    Mac and Thor, especially Mac, have been slumping lately. His average dropped to .295 after last nights game. I wonder if he’s actually going after the ball like he said earlier instead of letting it come to him. Maybe some of Frenchy’s agressivenes rubbed off on him. Of course, most of his at-bats have been smart ones usually and he has tried to hit some. The ball just ends up going to someone, unfortunately.

    I really do hope that the offense shows up today for Kyle and Kyle does well. I know he’s better than what he’s been showing us, so maybe he can turn it around. Mac is probably catching him as well. If it came down to it, I’d much rather have Kyle in the rotation than Redman any day of the week.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, I think Davies has a future. Redman has . . . a past.

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    Langerhans did an OK job yesterday. He got on base twice and scored twice. It just goes to show that if Ryan’s OBP wasn’t .039 the Braves would score a ton of runs. Langy! Just get on base!! You have Scooter, Rent, and Larry hitting behind you!! Odds are that the pitcher spot will bunt you over and Scooter or Rent will drive you in!!

    oh and Langy, make sure to run FAST!! You got Scooter running the bases like a maniac behind you. Did anyone see Kelly *ahem* scoot around the bases on his RBI triple? hahaha, it was great!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Scooter’s running is always a delight!

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