“He Wants to See the Kid Hit!”

Chipper’s fury after that check-swing call by Davidson was pretty glorious, and based on his post-game quotes, I don’t think he calmed down for quite awhile afterward. I wonder if all those dogs they had at the park yesterday were barking along with him?

The official site collected this quote on the incident:

“Looking at it in slow, slow, slow motion, it could have gone either way,” Jones said. “But that’s not even what made me mad. The fact of the matter is he looked over at our dugout — when Bobby stepped out, he [leaned toward our dugout], waited on Bobby to open his mouth, couldn’t even tell what was said, and he threw him out. That’s what upset me.”

Pretty diplomatic, admitting the call could have gone either way, then carefully explaining that he was only sticking up for old Bobby.

The AJC included these little gems in their coverage:

“Bob Davidson feels like the thousands of people in the park come to see him. He’s always been like that. It’s a joke among the players.”

“It’s a shame the cameras have to put [Davidson] on TV for 30 seconds.”

That’s the Chipper I know and love! I just hope Davidson doesn’t end up calling any playoff-clinching games for us down the line . . .

Skip had his dog (Larry Caray) in the studio during the broadcast, and apparently he got pretty excited when Salty came up to bat. Skip laughed and said, “He wants to see the kid hit!” I have to agree, Larry. I tried to keep an emotional distance from Salty, knowing we had no place for him, but he’s definitely grown on me in the past few days. I know the possible scenarios for keeping him have already been talked to death, so I won’t bother, but I think I may actually be moving into the Keep Salty camp for the first time.



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13 responses to ““He Wants to See the Kid Hit!””

  1. Leah Avatar

    That was pretty intense, but I do have to agree with Chipper on that bad call. It’s always good for players to stick up for their managers especially ours to stick up for Bobby. I know sometimes even they have to wonder what is going through his mind, but they continue to love and support him anyway. That’s only one thing I love about about our guys.

    I’m trying my best not to like Salty because it seems everyone is now on the Salty train and forgets we even have Mac. I know the kid has talent, but even if I still slowly come to like Salty, Mac will always be number one in my book. Mac is awesome and irreplaceable. Word.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I wonder if Heap and Salty are buddies, or if they just eye each other suspiciously from across the dugout.

      1. Leah Avatar

        That is a very interesting thought. Salty mentioned that he and Mac hung out during Spring Trainingin an AJC article, but other than that they haven’t mentioned each other that I know of. At least they haven’t since Salty was called up.

  2. RehabReject Avatar

    What I’m hoping for is Brayan Pena getting traded and we have Salty as our backup catcher. That way we have Salty in the lineup on McCann’s off-days and Salty is no longer *ahem* salty about being stuck in the minors.

    Skip said something very true regarding the matter.. “You let the situation play itself out”. Who knows… some team might come along and offer us a deal we can’t refuse. Detroit might give us one of their aces like Bonderman or Verlander.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I know what you mean, there’s no sense in getting anxious to set things in stone at this point.

      I could handle trading with the Tigers someday — at least Salty would be going to a good home, with Leyland presiding.

  3. dave Avatar

    If you missed Chipper’s swing or how fast Cox was thrown out, you can see everything here – http://www.macisanidiot.com/news.php?item.600.3

  4. Dreamscape Avatar

    Bobby Cox may not be a master strategist, but he’s one of the very few whose superstar players fight for him this hard.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Never before has screaming “FUCK YOU!” seemed such a sentimental gesture.

      1. Leah Avatar

        Couldn’t have said it better.

  5. Dreamscape Avatar

    Oh, and I love Skip. Hearing him criticize TV on the radio the day before he went on TV was hilarious. And I love that during the Aflac commercial and the quack, he told the duck to shut up.

    Can’t stand Chip, can’t get enough of Skip.

    Maybe Chip was adopted. Or maybe good announcing skips a generation. Harry Carey was pretty bad, too.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Skip telling the Aflac duck to shut up was one of the small things that kept me sane during the 2006 season.

  6. Andrea Avatar

    I love the comments about Davidson…haha
    I’m also starting to like Salty.
    & I’m loving this blog :)
    I just found it the other day!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Thanks! I love it when they’re honest in the press — Chipper’s been pretty good about it since Hootersgate.

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