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05/11/2008 (8:36 am)

Wyatt Earp

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That story last night about LaRoche wanting to meet Wyatt Earp is the reason I will always listen to the radio, even it’s lagging a full inning behind the television broadcast. Well played, Mr. Van Wieren.

In shocking news: I agree with Dave O’Brien! I love Frenchy and look forward to seeing him play, but enough is enough, Bobby. He can sit once in awhile. Though actually, now may not be the time. I think Lauren’s picture vividly captures the look I’ve been noticing on him a lot this season. I don’t know if this amounts to “bench him” or “don’t even look at him the wrong way,” but regardless, I’m going to take a wild guess that he’ll play every game this season as long as he’s at least semi-physically able.

03/25/2007 (3:19 pm)

“Chico and McCann”

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Man, how badly are these spring training games starting to drag? It’s going to be a long week, but at least we’ll have the real games soon. I can’t even get excited about this Aybar drama, personally.

Chuckie did well today against the Nats, Huddy was good against the Tigers yesterday, and Hampton is ahead of schedule, now projected to return around May 7th. I wish they had televised the game today, because I don’t think I’ve seen Chuckie pitch all spring, and Diaz was involved in a run-down with “five players” on the Nationals trying to tag him at one point, according to Pete. I would have liked to see that.

They’re advertising something called the Braves Leadoff Luncheon on the radio broadcasts. How great is the look on Heap’s face in that ad? But anyway, for a hundred bucks you can have lunch with the Braves — sort of. They’ll be in the room, at least. It looks like you have to pay $1000 to guarantee that they stick one of them at your table — but if you shell out $500 more, you get to pick the player, “based on availability.” I think I would pick Renteria, since he’s kind of quiet and mysterious. Though watching Paronto eat might be fun.

The title of this post was stolen from Pete, who made a “Chico and McCann” joke when Heap came up to bat against the Nats’ starter. Ha ha, Pete.

03/10/2007 (6:37 pm)

“Already in Midseason Form”

Now it’s officially baseball season (I know I’ve said this about three times so far this year, but for real this time): Skip is back! He called our game against the Blue Jays today with Pete, and I was grinning like an idiot the entire time. Even if he’d done the whole thing pretty dry, starting out slow or something, I would have been thrilled just to hear his voice again, but as he said to Pete at one point, he was “already in midseason form,” going on about Bark in the Park (very excited that we have two this year) and subtly ripping on the sponsors with glee. Just the phrase “Chipper’s exploits” had me laughing for ten minutes. His best comment came pretty early, remarking on the atmosphere at our Disney stadium:

“The music and sound effects here are unrelenting — they just beat you to death.”

When Bobby retires, it will be very strange, and I’ll probably be upset and thrown off for awhile. But when Skip retires, I will be an absolute wreck. Skip is the only reason I survived our 2006 season (that and the ability to mute Torborg). I have so heavily associated my whole life as a Braves fan with his voice, I can’t even imagine the team going on without him. For now, I’m just really happy that he’s shown up to do the radio broadcasts with Pete. He was trying to have Pete explain the internet broadcasts to him, and that was comedy gold in itself.

Our pitching was excellent today. Well, the new guy hit two batters, but he only allowed one run. Soriano and McBride were solid, and Cormier was surprisingly good for four whole innings. He seems more consistent this year, but it’s still early. I do have more hope for him than Davies at this point, but even he hasn’t been terrible. So I’m feeling a little more hopeful despite Hampton’s injury (Bobby is now saying “at least two months”), but I guess I should hold off getting too excited until after Davies’ start tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with a great AP picture from the game today:

If there was a “Best Overall Use of Teeth in Expressing Emotion” award for ballclubs, the Braves would win it every year. Chipper, Diaz and Heap (who hit his first home run of the spring today!) are all experts at this. Keep up the good work, Chip!