V Vernacular

06/20/2007 (2:45 pm)

The Gang’s All Here!

Filed under: Joey Devine,McBride

Welcome back, Devy! According to Chop-n-Change, we just sent McBride packing and Dev’s up from the minors. I can’t say I’ll miss McBride all that much — his uncanny ability to forget how to pitch after getting two outs (or two strikes, if he was only called in to get one batter) was driving me crazy. I also can’t help feeling a little sorry for him when I try to imagine him pulling that crap with Leyland’s club, but good luck to him.

I can’t wait to hear what we got in return . . . and of course, I can’t wait for Devy’s major league antics to resume. Hopefully he’ll actually get to pitch this time.