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  • Something Cheerful

    I haven’t posted in a week because I don’t know what to say. I was fairly certain that things would eventually go badly this year, but things went so immediately and overwhelmingly badly that jokes ain’t coming easy. But I found this lovely anecdote about Devy, who has been called up to the A’s, and […]

  • Joey, I’m Not Angry Anymore

    Let me take you through my day: Actually, I’ll begin with last night. My husband I split a bottle of wine with dinner, so we went to bed pretty early. At some point during the night, my cell phone rang on the nightstand. It was my Braves Girlfriend who keeps me apprised of news. Too […]

  • Preach It, Frenchy

    From last night’s AJC wrap: Afterward, 23-year-old Francoeur praised some other, less-established Braves youngsters, including reliever Joey Devine, who got slugger Lance Berkman to fly out with the bases loaded to end the seventh inning. Well, at least somebody has mentioned something in the press about the good work he’s done up here this year. […]

  • Redemption!

    Irretrievable playoff race aside, yesterday was perfect. We went to the game, and much like the last game we went to in 2006 (where we also won in extra innings, thanks in large part to the other team’s defensive errors), it was the most fun we’d had at the park this season. FOUR Braves sang […]

  • Captain Obvious

    Matty on our postseason chances: “… It’s up to us. We’re in it together. We’re gonna figure it out together. And if we don’t figure it out, we’re gonna do that together.” Well, alright then. Good to know some of you won’t be seceding from the team if things go wrong. Meanwhile, pardon me while […]

  • Keep Him In Line, Heap

    Well, okay. Fine, Braves. If that’s the way you want to go out? Whatever. Cool. Great. I’ll just try to focus on the positive: Together at last! Devy is the other guy I will make apologies for no matter what, in case you hadn’t noticed. I like the idea of these two as a battery. […]

  • “Life After Wickman”

    Wicky was DFA’d yesterday (what is my favorite past tense verb of all time? DFA’d. Not just in relation to this particular DFA’ing, and not that I particularly enjoy it when players get turned out on their asses – though I do usually favor cutting the slack sooner rather than later – it’s just fun […]

  • Devy Watch 07

    Days Devy has been on the major league roster in 07: 3 Times I have seen Devy pitch this season: 0 He did actually pitch one inning during his second day trip to the majors, but it was in a blowout loss that I had finally turned off in the 8th inning. Figures! Maybe he’ll […]

  • I Can’t Believe I Watched the Whole Thing

    Actually, I didn’t. I skipped the 9th, because watching that game had felt like a chore since the 1st. So of course I managed to miss the only things worth seeing: Devy pitching and Frenchy throwing Varitek out at third. Dammit. At least the Get The Hell Out of Our City Series is over. God […]

  • The Gang’s All Here!

    Welcome back, Devy! According to Chop-n-Change, we just sent McBride packing and Dev’s up from the minors. I can’t say I’ll miss McBride all that much — his uncanny ability to forget how to pitch after getting two outs (or two strikes, if he was only called in to get one batter) was driving me […]