You knew it was coming. Didn’t you??? Goddammit.

Somebody needs to stay in his hotel room and watch Conan O’Brien when he’s up in Philadelphia. Cause some of those ladies at the bar are Phillies fans, my man. This plan of action may also be useful in New York. Your groin — and your fans! — will thank you.

I keep catching myself thinking that we lost last night. Somehow it felt like we did.

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  1. I was thinking along the same lines, Jenny. The Braves official site is claiming he strained the groin in his last AB of the game. Me: “Psssh.”

  2. Cmon…give Chipper a break. In his defense, I was watching that game, and he did definitely wince and double up after a missed swing. I was surprised to see him back in the field after that.

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