Category: The Vulch

  • “Players Will Smell Better”

    I was able to watch our game against the Yankees last night, again on their YES! network (is there an exclamation point after Yes? There should be). Cormier looked good, though Joe Girardi, who was calling the game with some obnoxious ass who had the nerve to compare Kelly Johnson to Chuck Knoblauch just because […]

  • Andruw’s Culinary Adventures

    Andruw has arrived at camp, amid lots of questions and speculation about what he’ll do next season. I’m sure it’s on his nerves, and it’s damn well started to get on mine. It’s unlikely that he knows what he’s going to do at this point, and even if he did, he’s not going to talk […]

  • Getaway Day

    First off, I have to share this thing my friend found in her doctor’s waiting room a few days ago. She said she had a valentine for me, and laid this sucker on me: This is not a graphic I made, this is an actual thing that I have! Apparently the Braves sent out these […]