Getaway Day

First off, I have to share this thing my friend found in her doctor’s waiting room a few days ago. She said she had a valentine for me, and laid this sucker on me:

This is not a graphic I made, this is an actual thing that I have! Apparently the Braves sent out these valentines to their mailing list. Which raises the question: why didn’t I find one of these glorious things in my mailbox?! Do I not subscribe to the Braves version of Tiger Beat magazine? My name should not only be on their mailing list, it should be like, starred three times. Anyway, good thing my friend passed this along; I will cherish it forever. Here’s hoping Frenchy and Heap have a nice Valentine’s day spent packing their cars for spring training.

Other news:

-What more is there to say about Liberty Media’s acquisition of the Braves this week? Not much, until they release some kind of statement. The budget freeze is over, but I highly doubt that there are days of carefree spending to come, as we were bought to save them millions in taxes.

-I’m extremely amused and also terrified by the points system we invented to save money on the Vulch. Apparently it offers incentives for making starts, which is the terrifying part. Less or more terrifying than Davies as our fifth starter? I’m not sure – pitchers and catchers this weekend could perhaps shed some light there. But anyway, points system: it was not fully explained, but are there points for like, good behavior? Getting the other guys sodas, keeping his locker clean? I hope so.

-Talking Chop mentioned this little tidbit a few days ago:

Manager Bobby Cox will assign one of his five starters to be caught by backup C Brayan Pena, but he hasn’t decided which one yet.

My money is still on Hampton.

Two days out from camp! Here’s the first Deadspin post about spring training, how exciting! One commenter says he worked for the Braves during spring training one year, and that they mostly laze around and play golf. Sounds about right, knowing our golf-obsessed team, but even so! Excitement!



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