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Over the weekend, I was invited to join Martin at Talking Chop, so I’ll now be covering media-related stories over there. I’ll still post to this blog regularly, just not every day. Between the two blogs I will probably post close to every day, so you’ll hear from me one way or another. I’m really excited about contributing to Talking Chop, and thanks again to Martin for the offer!

The game this afternoon gave me a headache. I felt sorry for poor Salty — not only did they make him wear that goofy getup, he had to catch some truly awful pitching. I’m sure Heap at least had a laugh over the pink chest protector. I’m ready to send Barry back down in favor of Devine, who is leading the Southern AA League in saves. Joey has had his issues in the majors, but Barry looked absolutely lost out there. Hopefully Lerew’s problems stemmed just from having so many friends and family members attending the game and putting too much pressure on himself. If not, I guess we’ve got Cormier in the wings . . .

On to Washington. I’m definitely in the mood for a long series against the Nationals after today.







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  1. Leah Avatar

    I bet Mac was glad he didn’t play today so he didn’t have to wear that pink gear. Salty even wrote his and his wife’s initials on the shoulder pads of the chest protector. I noticed that our guys used the pink bats maybe once or twice, then stopped. Of course, Frenchy had to go and break his. I guess he was frustrated, but I don’t guess I blame him.

    Congrats on the new blogging venture. I love TC as well your blog, so that’ll make the site more interesting and add to its greatness.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      That’s funny — I had assumed one side was his wife’s initials and the other side was his mother’s — maybe he and his mom don’t get along too well!

      1. Leah Avatar

        Well, it could have been, but JS was on the right side. Not sure what his mother’s initials are though.

      2. Leah Avatar

        Ha, I knew he wore #16 leg gear. I wonder why since that was probably specially ordered for him.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          I’m sure they planned on Heap catching the “Pink” game originally (it was probably set up awhile ago) — and I’m sure Heap was REALLY disappointed when he couldn’t. Apparently poor Salty was bullied into wearing the pink stuff — hopefully this exempts him from any weird airport-drag rookie initiation stuff.

        2. Leah Avatar

          Him or Mac one. But it seems he got talked into wearing it anyway by his teammates, so who knows.

  2. jake Avatar

    Congratulations, yours and Talking Chop are my favorite Braves sites. You both really know your stuff and you especially are hilarious.

  3. Dreamscape Avatar

    Congrats on your opportunity!

    Don’t worry too much about Barry. He was only in there to take a hit (and the Pirates took their hits off of him). He’ll be sent to Richmond on Tuesday when Bob Wickman is activated.

    1. Jenny Avatar


      Wicky’s return completely slipped my mind! Hopefully he’ll have returned to form . . . I’m kind of nervous in a “don’t fix what’s not broken” way, with Raffy and Gonzo doing so well as our closers.

      1. Dreamscape Avatar

        Same here, Jenny. Frankly, in a close game, I feel better with Soriano and Gonzo on the mound anyway. Wickmoo always makes me nervous when there is a one run lead because inevitably, he puts a runner on. He’s always been that type of pitcher and usually, he gets out of it. Soriano/Gonzo are the types that just bring it and if you get a hit off them, they made a mistake.

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