I Can’t Believe I Watched the Whole Thing

Actually, I didn’t. I skipped the 9th, because watching that game had felt like a chore since the 1st. So of course I managed to miss the only things worth seeing: Devy pitching and Frenchy throwing Varitek out at third. Dammit. At least the Get The Hell Out of Our City Series is over. God knows what will happen against the Tigers, but after that we’ll see the Nationals . . who took a four game series from us last time we played them. Dammit.

The stuff about McBride leaving actually made me sad on the pre-game show, mostly because they featured Depressed Frenchy opining for friendships lost. Hmm. In exchange for our buddy McBaseOnBalls, we got another lefty reliever, a fellow by the name of Wilfredo. So I’ll be calling him Fredo, and hopefully I won’t have to bust out any stupid Godfather jokes, because, you know, they’ll only work if he’s bad.

Frenchy made me mad when he said he was looking forward to the off day. Normally I wouldn’t care, but lately he looks like he just wants to get his at-bats over with, and if he thinks an off day will solve his problems . . . well, I doubt it. Meanwhile, the shots of Andruw furiously shaving away his bat handle were disturbing. I’m sure it was a toothpick by the 9th, but then, I turned the game off in the 8th, so I wouldn’t know.



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