More Adventures From Turner Field

We went to the game on Saturday with some friends from out of town, one of whom was a Tigers fan. It was actually an exciting game, and I really felt like we were in it the whole time, despite the bad calls. It was cool to see Bobby tie the all-time ejections record, and of course seeing Heap get thrown out and walked back to the dugout by a sympathetic Frenchy was the highlight of the afternoon. Other things worth mentioning:

–Paronto is cool. We were up in the corner in the Lexus level, and he was down in right field throwing with Wicky, his BFF. Wicky left, and our Tiger loving friend waved to Paronto, who tried to throw a batting practice ball up to our level (300 level). It hit the balcony and bounced back down, so he tried it again, and missed again. Finally he got one up into the suite behind us on the third try, and the guys in the suite gave our friend the ball. It was funny; I think our friend was impressed with the fan-friendliness of my darling Braves — thanks Paronto!

–Salty took grounders at first during BP.

–Chuckie’s wife is featured on one of their ads right now, and we had a laugh about that. She’s very little and cute (Chuckie-sized, really), and in the ad he’s standing next to her and staring down at her adoringly while she reads the ad copy, too funny! We also saw the Chuckie edition of the five-questions feature . . . all I remember is that his favorite TV show is Walker, Texas Ranger.

–I was impressed with Atlanta fans for only throwing three water bottles (that I saw) when Bobby tied the all-time ejections record. Very classy show of restraint during a frustrating game on a hot day. The ejection happened in the ninth inning, when Heap lost it on Fairchild, who’d already screwed him on a call on a tag at the plate. It was something to get excited about — we were chanting “BOBBY” and of course I was screaming “YOU TELL HIM, HEAP!!” The whole bottom of the ninth really impressed me, as far as the fan reaction — people were complaining after the Sox fans invaded, but Atlanta fans were really into it, despite our recent struggles.

–That said, the freaking sound effects almost spoiled some authentic, fan-created cheers, which pissed me off. When we already have a loud, stadium-wide cheer going for a player, why interrupt it with the recorded “CHARGE” cheer? I was embarrassed by all the sound effects hoopla with my out of town guests there — it’s really over the top, and can kill real excitement and tension. Oh, and the Bloopers segment between innings MUST DIE. So stupid/irrelevant/redneck/embarrassing. Sports bloopers would be one thing, but do I really need to see “Ouch, My Balls!: The Movie” at a freakin’ Braves game? Why???

–Finally: I liked and recommend the Lexus level. It’s not that close to the field, and if you sit in section 331 you’ll be behind the foul pole, but you have an air conditioned, uncrowded concourse area with a variety of beers as opposed to the usual crap, and the bathrooms have balconies, which for some reason really impressed me. What I loved best, though: no vendors walking around and constantly blocking my view of the field with giant towers of cotton candy. I actually liked sitting up there better than in the 121 area around the first base line, though of course nothing beats sitting behind the dugout.






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  1. Leah Avatar

    The fans got into when I went on the 26th of May when Bobby got thrown out for the second game in a row. On TV you could hear it, but being there it sounds a lot louder when everyone gets into it like that than it does on TV. Scooter actually commented on that one about fans getting into that that day, too, since he was standing on second the entire time.

    I don’t know if Heap was really that pissed off at the ump for the call or it was partly just a good excuse to vent some anger and frustration. It was a good time to do it though. The ump had been making bad calls most of the day. Of course, Frenchy is gonna be a good friend and hold Heap back from doing anything stupid.

    Heap did lose his bat when it slipped from his hands in one inning on a swing. The fan who it hit didn’t want to let it go (understandably so), but the ushers more or less made her give the bat back. I’m assuming that they exchanged something for it though. Heap had this “oops” look on his face.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Yeah, the Tigers fan who I went to the game with was like, “That must be pretty embarrassing to let go of your bat” and I got all offended on Heap’s behalf, haha.

      I would have been fighting like hell for that bat if we were sitting down there. I think they take bats away from the fans until the game is over, because we’re not allowed to have weapons in the stands (heh), then they can claim it at security when you leave . . . I think. Unless it’s intact, maybe they just give it back to the player.

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