Good Day at Turner

I was pretty unenthusiastic about getting out to Turner this year, as compared to years past. I missed the home opener, and we left for the field only thirty minutes before the game started on Sunday (in 2006, at the height of what could perhaps be called my Issues, I was fond of arriving for… Continue reading Good Day at Turner

Post-Labor Day Weekend

I was there for the Friday and Saturday games this weekend (it was like being kicked repeatedly while a bunch of Mets fans said “Jose” in a whimsical manner), and I watched all of Sunday’s delightful reprise, and today’s game . . . and yet I feel completely out of the loop. It’s sad when… Continue reading Post-Labor Day Weekend

Attention, Atlanta-Area Fans!

Not particularly fond of Barry Bonds? Sick of having the game you’re trying to watch interrupted so that the network can show live footage of Bonds popping out to the catcher (I missed one of Heap’s at-bats yesterday for this! On TBS, too!)? Now you can fight back! Martin at Talking Chop has an excellent… Continue reading Attention, Atlanta-Area Fans!

First Place For Now

I’m so glad I went to all three games this weekend, and not just the miserable home opener. The other two were a blast: my throat’s all sore from screaming, I’m sunburned, and I somehow pulled a muscle in my shoulder, I think from throwing up my arms after Andruw made that catch on Sunday.… Continue reading First Place For Now

That’s More Like It

If we looked like clowns on Friday, the Mets looked like amateur clowns yesterday. I guess it’s the wind messing with everybody, but all their errors were still appreciated by the crowd. Especially Shawn Green dropping that fly ball — the right field section actually started chanting “Shawn Green sucks.” I’m not sure if Mets… Continue reading That’s More Like It

Off to the Park

I’ll be at all three games this weekend, freezing my ass off for the cause. We’re staying at a hotel downtown, and they claim to have wireless access, so I’ll try to post after the games. Our seats are in the 120’s, along the first base side, but I may be upgrading to behind-the-dugout seats… Continue reading Off to the Park