There’s the Heap we all know and love, singlehandedly winning games and pretending he wasn’t 3-run-homer offended when they had the nerve to walk Andruw to get to him! Give ’em hell, Heap!

Just before he hit his RBI single, Pete was talking Doomsday, bringing up Heap’s career .275 average in the minors, reminding us that there is a chance that Heap’s 2006 was a once in a lifetime thing. I don’t expect him to hit .333 every year, but c’mon, Pete! He’s too smart to hit .275, let alone .250. It was great to see the Heapster carry the team on his shoulders right after Pete, usually quite a homer-ish optimist, brought up the ole’ minor league numbers. It’s a legitimate point, but I continue to think that Heap was just slumping because of that pesky left ring finger, and that he’s still fighting to get rid of bad habits that developed after that injury. I think the stress of the team’s recent performance probably has some effect on how slowly he’s returning to form.

That’s right. When things go wrong with Heap, I’ll blame the rest of the team. Ha . . .

Oh, God, Woodward. Don’t even touch him.






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