Bobby Can’t Believe This [Stuff]

ESPN is messing with our shit and Bobby is pissed. You tell ’em, Bobby. There is a reason the games on GETAWAY DAY are at 1:00. Can’t we just refuse to cooperate with ESPN? They hate us passionately as it is, so there’s not really much of a bridge to burn there.

I think Jimmy Carter needs to attend every game for the rest of the season. He was powerful good luck last night:

“But why do they call him Heap, grandpa?!”






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  1. RainDelay Avatar

    Funny thing over on LJ I used the term “Heap” to refer to McCann..and a couple people had never heard it before.

    Heap needs to at least send me a card or something, for you know…spreading the word so to speak. lol

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Ha, I think I saw the exchange you’re talking about — I posted about it in my LJ!

      I sometimes wonder if he even likes that nickname . . . if the origin is the one you heard, he probably does. ;)

      1. RainDelay Avatar

        Haha..yeah I’m “hockeygoon08” over on LJ, been on LJ for what seems forever. Wow, I just checked working on my 4th year now..yikes.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          Oh, I’ve had mine since 2001! I don’t update it as much as I used to. I’ll add you. :)

          1. RainDelay Avatar

            I’ve added you back. :)

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