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  • Bobby Can’t Believe This [Stuff]

    ESPN is messing with our shit and Bobby is pissed. You tell ’em, Bobby. There is a reason the games on GETAWAY DAY are at 1:00. Can’t we just refuse to cooperate with ESPN? They hate us passionately as it is, so there’s not really much of a bridge to burn there. I think Jimmy […]

  • Pick Up After Yourself, Frenchy

    First Andruw ends up with Frenchy’s old brain, and now, just when I was rejoicing that Frenchy finally shaved that godawful beard he was sporting for about a week, Heap has slapped Frenchy’s old beard on his own face. Heap, WHY?! You had the lumberjack stubble thing down so well, and you’ve never made the […]

  • Quotable

    This is probably obvious, but I’m ridiculously fond of ballplayers’ quotes in throwaway articles about their performances. The whole exercise is a little insane when you really think about it, and reminds me of an old episode of Dr. Katz where a Conan O’Brien-type late night host is interviewing a model and says, “So, you’re […]

  • “Like An Alimony Payment”

    The only things I really enjoyed about last night’s game were the Wrath of Bobby and Skip comparing the game to an alimony payment, which makes absolutely no sense, but was wonderful just for that reason. Much like Skip’s first wife, I guess the Nationals deserved the win. They’ve been through a lot. I’m now […]

  • Open-Minded Frenchy??

    The game last night was a fun one to watch, despite the rookie pitcher Acosta who threw it away in the 9th. Bobby probably has Nam Flashback-like memories of pulling pitchers after last year — he didn’t look too happy when he had to take Acosta out in the 9th. Hitting looked good, relief pitching […]

  • The Death-Defying Atlanta Braves

    First, our new bench coach had his SUV flip on the way to the park. Thankfully, he came away with just bruises. Then, Orr nearly offed Kelly with a line drive to his throat. And today, Smoltzie took a line drive to the chest while he was on the mound. He’s okay, very luckily. A […]

  • Rock’em Sock’em Braves

    Davies and McBride were both shaky on the mound in our game against the Nationals today, but they’re the Nationals, so we still won 10-6. But don’t worry: Davies says “[his] groin felt great!” So we can all rest easy there. McBride, I don’t know. I could feel how tense and uncomfortable he was through […]

  • Bobby Has Heard A Lot About Prague

    The AJC is reporting that Bobby will retire after 2008. I think that seems about right. I’m not ready to see him go next year, but the year after that, it might be interesting to have someone new take over. I’d of course like Jim Leyland, but he’ll probably retire with the Tigers. I’d rather […]

  • “Whatever. We’ve Got Yoga.”

    I’m starting to feel the pangs of real discouragement for the first time this preseason: Hampton says he’s a no go, despite Bobby’s optimism. I don’t know what scares me more, the idea that Hampton might flake out this season, or the possibility that Bobby’s ability to judge who is capable and who isn’t is […]

  • Andruw’s Culinary Adventures

    Andruw has arrived at camp, amid lots of questions and speculation about what he’ll do next season. I’m sure it’s on his nerves, and it’s damn well started to get on mine. It’s unlikely that he knows what he’s going to do at this point, and even if he did, he’s not going to talk […]