Something Not Cynical!

So, okay. We got swept by the Reds. Davies, who started this disaster off with a bang, got hung out to dry at the end there, having to come up in the bottom of the fifteenth when we were down by one with two outs. And he’s a pitcher, right, but you know it was insult to injury to strike out there. Dark, dark stuff.

Just read this little article about Escobar’s family, and you’ll feel better. At least until tomorrow morning, when I will explain, in meticulous fake-dialogue detail, how Julio Franco will save our asses singlehandedly.

Oh, and here’s something cute about Heap being in awe of his elders and calling himself a nobody. Maybe someday, if he’s a first-ballot hall of famer, he’ll admit that, yeah, he’s kind of good at baseball. But he’ll probably just shrug and mutter something about how he can’t even believe they let him park in the players’ lot all those years.






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