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  • Drunken Saturday Night Post

    Congratulations to one of my favorite Braves, Matt Diaz, for this. Braves Journal has it exactly right, as usual. The fact that Diaz hasn’t been starting in left everyday since mid-2006 is pretty much everything that frustrates me about the Braves. In other words: Bobby Cox’s love for people like Ryan Langerhans. Fuck!

  • It’s That Time of Year!

    Spring training won’t start for over three months, only one of the three ceremonies in the Former Housemates’ Offseason Wedding Extravaganza has gone down, but if you ask me, the season has officially begun. So sing out that tired old tune, AJC: Hampton is injured. I’ve got goosebumps!

  • Hey Guys, There Are Things That Are Happening!

    Glavine is back! He looks scared!

  • Phoneless in Mexico

    No, I’m not talking about myself, though “phoneless in Mexico” is actually a fairly accurate metaphor for my situation for the past month or so. We’re all moved into our new house — only twenty minutes from Turner Field! — and the new routine is starting to fall into place, though we still don’t have […]

  • Best And Worst of 2007

    How delightful was it to watch the Phillies get swept? Go Rockies! Now, please enjoy my dumb opinions about the year. I’ve included the winners (and losers) from last year to add some perspective. Let me know what you guys think of my choices. Best All Around Player: For me, it was Matt Diaz. His […]

  • No Excuses, Except For This Really Good One

    One principle that never fails when it comes to quotes from ballplayers: as soon as you hear them say “no excuses,” they’re about to offer up an excuse. “There’s no excuses,” Moylan said. “The ball just kept slipping out of my hand, and no matter of rosin would keep it sticky. I’ve never had that […]

  • Something Not Cynical!

    So, okay. We got swept by the Reds. Davies, who started this disaster off with a bang, got hung out to dry at the end there, having to come up in the bottom of the fifteenth when we were down by one with two outs. And he’s a pitcher, right, but you know it was […]

  • Can’t We Just Skip June?

    Things are looking bleak. The starting rotation hasn’t been this bad in awhile, and having our one dependable starter getting over an injury doesn’t help. The offense is so frustrating, I feel like I know what will happen before our innings even begin. When we get breaks like the few we had last night on […]


    Oh. My God. My friend Mary just sent me this link: Frenchy singing “Baby One More Time” WARNING: It is horrifying. And yet you will not be able to turn it off. He sounds kind of drunk/really country in parts. This is simultaneously the greatest and worst thing ever.

  • Well, That Was Bullshit

    I can’t believe I was at that game. I’m ASHAMED that I was at that game. Good: Frenchy looked at two pitches before he hit his homer. For him, a very impressive at-bat. Bad: Woodward sucks. Yates SUCKS. I have never, NEVER! left a game before the end . . . but after Yates came […]