Finally, The Collection Will Be Complete

So we’re leaving in a few hours for Heap Giveaway Day at the park. Hopefully it won’t rain on us like it did during Frenchy Giveaway Day last year . . .

Here are some highlights from my old blog:

Frenchy Night brought out all the #7 jerseys on fangirls and boys of all ages, and seeing everyone walking around with their Frenchy boxes was pretty darn hilarious. It rained from about 5-6:30, so people were protecting their Frenchies under their shirts, and some were smart enough to have brought Frenchy-carrying bags. Stu and I were not so smart, so between a purse, umbrella, camera, water bottle and various foodstuffs, we were juggling Frenchies throughout the downpour and after, when everything was still wet and they couldn’t just be set on the ground for a moment.

This made for some really fun conversation, however. In fact, talking about the Frenchies was pretty much cooler than the Frenchies themselves, which are cool, but of course goofy looking, and not in a particularly Frenchie-ish way, ironically. Bitching about what to do with the cumbersome Frenchies was rather enjoyable: “Will you hold my Frenchie while I (run to the restroom, buy food, etc.)?”, “Here, take the camera, I’ll hold the Frenchies” and of course “The Frenchies are getting wet!!”

Frenchy himself didn’t really do much on Frenchy Night, aside from making a few good catches in right. There was a huge puddle out there in the Francorner all night, so I guess I’m just glad he didn’t slip or something. Somehow the pressure of Frenchy Night caused Heap to have one of the worst games of his career, so that was pretty sucky.

Probably the best part of Frenchy Night was the little Budweiser commercial they do on the big screen late in the game. They always show a cameraman getting a Bud at the Chop House bar and then girls fawning over him and the beer. Well, it’s a live commercial, and while the girls were fawning last night, someone stuck a Frenchy action figure in their faces, and then, CUT! It was pretty great; a win would have been better, though.

That’s right, we lost on Frenchy Night last year, to the Pirates. But I’ve got high hopes for tonight, with Huddy pitching, and hopefully the Heapster will actually be well enough to play after catching that entire disastrous marathon last night.







7 responses to “Finally, The Collection Will Be Complete”

  1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    Hope you’ll post pictures of the Heaps! I’m so sad I couldn’t be there tonight. :(

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Ha, I was just thinking I should take a picture of my new Bronze Heap with his Painted Frenchy buddy . . . will do! It might not get it posted until tonight, though, unless I can figure out how to pull pictures off the camera on my husband’s computer, which is running a different OS . . .

      1. Stu Avatar

        If you just take the cord for the camera and plug it into your machine it should work.

        1. Jenny Avatar

          oh really? good to know!

  2. jaleesagirl Avatar

    I was so at this game. :D

    And I really don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with the Heap statue.

    I don’t even know why I took one. O_o

    1. Jenny Avatar

      It was a really fun game; maybe someday I’ll post about it . . .

      We got two Heap statues; one is sitting next to my Frenchy statue next to the TV in our bedroom, and the other is still in its box. Maybe I’ll PAINT IT, 40-Year-Old-Virgin style. ;D

  3. jaleesagirl Avatar

    Yes it was fun! Me & my sister were heckling Willie, haha. He made fun of her at one point. Good times.

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