Modern Art

Please enjoy this metaphor, courtesy of some AP genius:

This needs to be blown up to wall-size and hung in the MOMA with a big placard that just says STERIODS next to it. Or maybe something even more obscure, like the chemical formula for HGH.

This one is pretty good, too, with his henchmen hovering and Selig looking like a furious (or yawning) disembodied head, Krang-style, which I guess would make the other two Rocksteady and BeBop.






4 responses to “Modern Art”

  1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    Krang was always my favorite on TMNT, so that makes this picture even funnier to me. So who’s Shredder?

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Krang was my favorite, too! The episodes without him were so dull. Raphael was a close second — he was almost as bitchy as Krang.

  2. chance13ga Avatar

    Gotta be Mark Cuban. Tryin to buy the Cubs n take over the league.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Ha, yes. Cuban is such a Shredder-level sycophant.

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