So, I hated Troy Tulowitizki all season. The little bugger turned an unassisted triple play against us! But I felt kind of pissed off/personally insulted/confused when he didn’t win the NL Rookie of the Year award this afternoon. Why?? In other news, Andruw is still going to be macking on chicks at Twist in the… Continue reading ROY

Braves Wives: The 2007 Power Rankings

ATTENTION: All of you people who are finding my site by searching for “brian mccann girlfriend,” “andruw jones wife,” “kelly johnson girlfriend,” and “jeff francoeur when are you getting married,” (as if Google is an extension of Frenchy’s consciousness, if only) etc.? This is the post for you! Behold the information you have sought! As… Continue reading Braves Wives: The 2007 Power Rankings

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Modern Art

Please enjoy this metaphor, courtesy of some AP genius: This needs to be blown up to wall-size and hung in the MOMA with a big placard that just says STERIODS next to it. Or maybe something even more obscure, like the chemical formula for HGH. This one is pretty good, too, with his henchmen hovering… Continue reading Modern Art

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I’ll Drink To That

Who are these guys? Last year, if we were down by one in the fifth I would completely write the game off as a loss, and I was almost always right to do so. Now we can have two outs and an 0-2 count on Woodward in the bottom of the 9th, and I’ll still… Continue reading I’ll Drink To That

“Strike After Strike”

It’s too bad that Redman’s first quality start as a Brave was wasted on a night when we were completely shut down by a dominant opposing pitcher. I should probably disclose that, last night, I, um. Kind of fell in love with Rich Hill. I’m sure I wouldn’t look twice if I just passed him… Continue reading “Strike After Strike”

“You Want Me to Throw a Changeup With a Pepper?”

Still not a lot of news out of camp, save that Harrison will pitch against Tech on Wednesday, and Davies will start against the Dodgers on Thursday, meaning Smoltzie will start against the Pirates for the first televised game on Friday! I’m very excited to see that, and to hear about how Harrison and Davies… Continue reading “You Want Me to Throw a Changeup With a Pepper?”

Slow News Day

Not much going on with the Braves following the Smoltz divorce bombshell. From the AJC we get this extremely obvious list of things the Braves are hoping will go well in spring training. Go ahead and have a good laugh at the phrase “Ryan Langerhans hits with authority,” I know I did. Anyway, since I’ve… Continue reading Slow News Day