“Life After Wickman”

Wicky was DFA’d yesterday (what is my favorite past tense verb of all time? DFA’d. Not just in relation to this particular DFA’ing, and not that I particularly enjoy it when players get turned out on their asses – though I do usually favor cutting the slack sooner rather than later – it’s just fun to say). Andruw, God love him, immediately spills the dirt:

“If it’s not a save situation, he was not happy about it,” Andruw Jones said. “It’s not fair to the team. It’s not fair for the manager. The way he was going about his business, separate from everybody.

“We’re a team. Everybody has their own attitude. Everybody’s got their own feeling about each other. Everybody’s got their own way of going about their business. But when we put a uniform on and we’re all together, we’re all as one. And we need guys who want to go out there and perform.”

I love it when they go gossipy as soon as moves are made. I’m not at all surprised to hear this about Wickman. Last year he was our savior and seemed rather cuddly, but this year I could sense more of the attitude. And as if I wasn’t happy enough about letting him go, look who is up to take his roster spot:

“I feel like I’m back to being the old Joey Devine,” said the right-handed reliever, who registered three strikeouts in a perfect ninth inning for Triple-A Richmond on Thursday night.

Make me proud, Devy!







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  1. Dreamscape Avatar

    I couldn’t be happier. Really, I could try, but I wouldn’t be successful. I hate the closer tag with such a fury that my cat gets concerned when the word is said on Baseball Tonight, Sportscenter, or the show Closer.

    Wickmoo bothered me a lot. I think a professional athlete should be in better shape than me. Otherwise, I get hope I have no business having. I had a decent arm as a little league third baseman…

    Hopefully, Devine and Ascanio and Acosta and whatever reliever we dig up while keeping Paronto convined to a minor league caterer will be helpful. And kudos to Andruw for calling Thickman out. In any other year, it would have spoke for even some leadership.

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I hate the “c” word, too. It’s beyond jinxed in Atlanta. Let’s hope they never try to apply it to Devy again, even in future tense. The curse has the potential to be powerful with that one.

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