It Worked Yesterday . . .

Again, a picture of Rent and his goldfish:

Help us, Little Edgar. You’re our only hope!

Great — though bizarre — game last night. Watching Smoltzie pitch like that is a blast, even though he didn’t get the no hitter. How strange was that incident with the security guard, though? And how about the look on Extremely Cynical September Joe’s face while the whole thing was going down? He looked like he wanted to enact revenge personally. I think that idiot who ran onto the field is in for way more trouble than he expected.

Some semi-bad news: Heap might have to have surgery in the offseason. Hopefully it could help out with his ankle problems, but the fact that his surgeries are starting before his twenty-fifth birthday . . . sucks. I’ll send a get well soon card, certainly.






4 responses to “It Worked Yesterday . . .”

  1. KatherineK Avatar

    Joe was seriously like an angry dad, it was kind of scary.

    Also i think the picture of edgar and little edgar may be the best in the whole calendar. I do love the pictures on the last page that didn’t make the calendar. Especially the ones of jeff and brian… as if they would have to share a month!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I’d never noticed those before, they’re adorable! Especially the ones with Matty and Heap at the field with the puppies, and the one where Frenchy is pointing his dog at Heap’s threateningly, haha.

      Though nothing beats the serious portrait of Gilly and the chihuahua.

  2. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    My favorite is the one of the little dalmatian pup trying to give kisses to Baby. Lucky dog. ;)

    I wonder how soon after the season the surgery will happen? I hope he’ll still be able to come to the golf tournament on the 30th — meeting him was the highlight of my year last year. :)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I assume he wouldn’t want to do it until after his wedding and honeymoon, but I don’t know.

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