I just wanted to apologize quickly for being so quiet on here and on Talking Chop lately. I just got a new job, and I have yet to work out how I’ll do anything other than commute, work, eat and sleep. I’ll figure it out eventually, then I’ll get back to the business of posting regularly. Unlike my previous university job, at my new job I actually have stuff to do all day long, and can’t fool around on the internet.

A few notes from this Mets series so far:

–The Sad Heap shot at the end of the first game? Epic. They showed it twice, then Pete mentioned it during the next game. “No one is more broken up than Brian McCann,” or some such — “he leaned on the dugout railing for FIVE MINUTES!” Nobody does depressed like Heap.

–I’m at the point in the season where, after a win like last night’s, all I can think is, “ah, at least Heap won’t cry himself to sleep!” That’s right, boys, win them for Heap. Cause, why bother, otherwise. But I’m not bitter or avoidant when we don’t go to the playoffs. I’m getting sad already, thinking about the baseball-less months ahead, and I appreciate the games we have left.

–Anybody know anything about Skip? Is he just taking the rest of the year off and everything’s fine? That’s what I’m hoping . . .

My new boss is a huge Braves fan, by the way. I think it’s one of the reasons I got the job — I was talking about the damn Braves about five seconds into the interview. Hey, he had a Braves mug holder on his desk, I had an in!






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  1. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    The Sad Heap shot at the end of the first game? Epic.

    Oh, dear. That was the worst. I thought I might have to pull a Phoebe to cheer him up.

    I can’t find any info on Skip…he might be out of TV appearances (he was only doing 10 this year), but that doesn’t explain his absence from radio, if he’s not been there. (I rarely listen to the radio broadcasts, even though I like them a little better than the TV commentators.)

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Chip has essentially replaced him on the radio. :(

      Maybe he just got fed up with saying “Times flies, Boliva SOARS.”

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