Preach It, Frenchy

From last night’s AJC wrap:

Afterward, 23-year-old Francoeur praised some other, less-established Braves youngsters, including reliever Joey Devine, who got slugger Lance Berkman to fly out with the bases loaded to end the seventh inning.

Well, at least somebody has mentioned something in the press about the good work he’s done up here this year. Thank you, Frenchy.

I have to confess, I only watched the very end of the game last night . . . we were at a Thrashers pre-season game. Normally I hang in there until the end no matter what, and I’ll be watching today and Sunday’s game (last regular season game ever on TBS! Skip and Chip calling it!), but someone I work with gave me some great tickets for the Thrashers game, and though I missed a good outing by the Devinator, I’m not otherwise too upset that I didn’t get to see Frenchy and the Youngsters kick the asses of Beloved Old Biggio and the Gang.

I can’t believe Slappy McWifebeater was the one who officially ended our season. It was ironic, considering that we got our season off to such a great start against him. Oh, well. I’m actually rooting for the Phillies to get the division rather than the Mets . . . sort of. I hate the Phillies and their fans more on a personal level, but I was there for two games of that Labor Day weekend sweep by the Mets . . . and though it really mostly made me mad at the Braves for playing so horribly . . . I’d also like to see the Mets get their asses kicked here at the very end, even if it is by the Phillies. What can I say . . . they’re the Mets.

Sorry again that I’ve kind of flaked out here at the end of the season — I’m still adjusting to the new job schedule (as opposed to my old ‘get up at ten o’clock, update the blog, and watch reruns of Law and Order for the rest of the day’ schedule), and we’re officially under contract on the house we want to buy, so things are going to remain busy here for a bit longer, but soon I’ll be tossing up some end of season recap kind of material, so stay tuned.







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