Hey Guys, There Are Things That Are Happening!

Glavine is back!

He looks scared!






4 responses to “Hey Guys, There Are Things That Are Happening!”

  1. Stu Avatar

    Later we will see things and do them, right. *Turns on great radio*

    1. Jenny Avatar

      OK you had me until “great radio”???

    2. Jenny Avatar

      Alright, never mind. I just walked into the other room and had you explain to me. ;)

  2. RainIsBeautiful Avatar

    I’m listening to disco while I do bills. Now THAT’S great radio. ;)

    Awww, he looks totally scared. And Botoxed, a bit. He sure looked nice on Saturday, though, with his freakishly small head. If Heap wears an XL helmet, Tommy’s in a M, max.

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