Newsflash: Frenchy Rented A Movie

What is going on with Frenchy and the AJC? Is he calling them every day and begging to be covered? Yesterday they posted a belated feature on his November honeymoon, and today we get this delightful peek into the world that is Frenchy:

Movies Frenchy has watched recently.

No, really.

I love the Harry Potter response on both ends. And the Superbad one, too (Mrs. Frenchy tries to save Frenchy’s dewy reputation: too late!).

I am worried about Frenchy’s dog, though:

Particularly in the metaphorical sense.

Meanwhile, Heap is doing yoga. Which may or may not be a cry for help.







7 responses to “Newsflash: Frenchy Rented A Movie”

  1. Leah Avatar

    Apparently, Heap kept his dog, Tyson. I’m with Frenchy in that I can’t see Heap in a yoga suit, but then Scooter replied in another blurb about it, “Well, I hope they’re doing it in their living rooms, so no one has to see them.” I laughed at the idea of Heap being in a room with mostly women who are mostly half his age and the look on his face. Plus, his “it’s awkward,” reply kind of made it sound like he wasn’t too thrilled with it too much, but I don’t know, lol.

    Maybe we should tell them to track down Heap’s recs of movies to watch.

  2. Jenny Avatar

    I’m starting to wonder if Heap’s dog fared even worse than Frenchy’s, since Heap & Mrs. Heap went the “buy two completely new matching dogs” route as opposed to Frenchy and Mrs. Frenchy’s “replace the original matching dog” plan.

    1. Lauren T. Avatar

      It’s all Ashley’s fault, I’m sure. ;)

      1. Jenny Avatar

        I can’t blame the wives. Who could say no to marrying McFrenchy? Even if you knew they were McFrenchy, think of the *pool parties*

  3. Leah Avatar

    Hopefully, they still have him. I don’t picture Heap getting rid of his dog that is the brother to Frenchy’s dog, he has to keep something to remind him of Frenchy in some way, but with Mrs. Heap, you never know.

  4. skeptic Avatar

    Seriously…I’m not sure if I can take another cheesy article on Lucy & Dezi…I mean Jeff & Catie. Who’s the attention whore here, her or him?

    1. Jenny Avatar

      I’m gonna go with . . . both.

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