Drunken Saturday Night Post

Congratulations to one of my favorite Braves, Matt Diaz, for this.

Braves Journal has it exactly right, as usual.

The fact that Diaz hasn’t been starting in left everyday since mid-2006 is pretty much everything that frustrates me about the Braves.

In other words: Bobby Cox’s love for people like Ryan Langerhans. Fuck!






3 responses to “Drunken Saturday Night Post”

  1. Lauren T. Avatar

    I want to make a team up of just the guys I like (DeRo, Javy, Moylan, Diaz, Pete Orr, Langy, etc.) and put them in some exhibition games. They may not all be MLB show-stoppers, but dang it, I like them anyway!

    1. Jenny Avatar

      Pete Orr is not allowed on that team.

      Unless it is a Connect Four team.

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